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A global energy player

Total Marketing Services, the distribution branch of Total, is present in more than 100 countries around the world, throughout much of Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas, consisting of subsidiaries in a range of sizes. The fleet size utilized for daily rounds varies from region to region, anywhere between 20 and 1000 vehicles.

A globe-sized challenge

The company’s enormous global reach makes it challenging to deliver consistent levels of service. With more than 100 affiliates all around the world, each regional operation varies depending on local regulations, business maturity and the nature of I.T. infrastructure used. Total lacked visibility on transport orders, from the loading phase to the delivery phase, which resulted in a huge volume of calls from clients asking about the status of their deliveries. As well as being admin-intensive, it also impacted customer satisfaction levels.

The sheer number of affiliates also makes it difficult for the company to roll out its digital roadmap and remain quick to market. Total’s supply chain activity involves numerous mass flows by pipe, train and ship. As a result, Total was looking for modular solutions that could be deployed very easily and quickly, work across similar business contexts, and take into account the particular needs of each country.

Time to market can be a colossal challenge for the company due to the number of subsidiaries. If new products aren’t rolled out quickly, they could become obsolete before the project is complete. Furthermore, the number of processes included within the supply chain creates further challenges. Total’s activity covers a wide range of products, from fuel to lubricants, gases and of course products sold in petrol stations. Products can be both bulk and packaged and transportation is not limited to trucks.

On the road to Total digitalization

With the goal to improve overall client satisfaction, Total needed to implement a transportation visibility solution across 24 countries. Total wanted to implement a digital tool that created a foundation on which they could build additional digital capabilities over time. A key requirement of the tool was to enable better collaboration among both internal and external partners and provide visibility on all deliveries, to automatically notify customers about deliveries and allow more objective data around shipping volumes, tracking rates and customer communications sent.

Shippeo offered Total visibility on all deliveries, notifying clients by white-labelled (i.e. Total-branded) email or SMS of each stage of delivery, including order creation, departure, nearing arrival and delivery completion. In addition, the customer receives detailed access to the transport order and its real-time GPS positions. Alerts are sent in 8 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Khmer and Polish.

To generate automated alerts in new territories, Shippeo quickly onboarded 9 new non-standard telematics providers in countries like Zambia, Puerto Rico, Cameroon and Pakistan, to facilitate tracking in a total of 24 countries. A majority of the regions Total operates in still use paper-based processes, making track and trace process optimization a huge opportunity for them. The Shippeo platform allows dispatch teams managing Total’s supply chain transportation operations to take advantage of improved collaboration, automation and digitalization.

Initially rolled out in Africa across 24 countries to notify Total customers when deliveries would arrive, Shippeo will now be used more widely by the logistics teams for all customer delivery flows as well as for depot-to-depot transfer flows. Outsourcing part of Total’s digital transformation project to Shippeo helped them achieve a faster time to market, taking care of the interfacing with carriers. In addition, the support Shippeo helps ensure subsidiaries with different levels of maturity are all able to access and manage their activities and transactions within the tool well.

“Adopting Shippeo’s solution allows us to evolve our processes at a lower cost.”

Olivier Renodau
Head of Digital Supply Chain


Sharing precise real-time delivery information with customers has led to an increase in customer satisfaction on deliveries. The project has seen Shippeo send more than 75 000 SMS alerts to Total customers over the first 3 months (compared to a customer average of 35,000 a year), with clients in Pakistan having received over 16,000 SMS in one month to a total of 794 client sites. 88% of key users reported better monitoring of deliveries and 84% of users recommended using the platform. The satisfaction rate for training was 78% and there had been a 50% decrease in the number of incoming calls to Total Ghana's support team.



No visibility on transport orders from the loading phase to the delivery phase, leading to too many customer inquiries on delivery status and other operational inefficiencies.


Provide visibility on all deliveries, keeping customers informed by email or SMS on detailed delivery info including status and real-time GPS positions.

Key Metrics

  • 75 000+ SMS alerts sent to Total customers in 3 months
  • 88% of key users reported better monitoring of deliveries
  • 84% of users recommend using Shippeo
  • 78% satisfaction rate for training
  • 50% decrease in the number of incoming calls to Total Ghana's support team
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