Tap into one of the largest global multimodal visibility networks

Connect to real-time tracking data from any source, aggregating real-time data from leading TMS, telematics, AIS, parcel APIs, and IoT devices.

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Full truck load tracking

Track all FTL flow types with the most accurate ETA on the market.

Highly accurate ETAs, guaranteed

Rely on ETA precision designed to meet the demands of dynamic supply chains. We are so confident in the quality of our ETA that Shippeo guarantees high accuracy up to 24 hours before scheduled delivery.

Order status for parcel

Know a parcel's conformity details and real-time status, including pickup and delivery, with automated alerts.

LTL and last-mile tracking

Get more granular tracking with LTL/groupage visibility. Shippeo’s flexible platform handles both the complexity and granularity of tracking LTL shipments.

Multi-stop tour tracking

Track complex milk runs or cross dock operations while respecting client confidentiality by keeping carrier data sharing to a strict need-to-know basis.

Handling unit-level visibility

Track LTL loads precisely, with visibility, alerts and insights down to the logistics unit level, capturing all key movements of a shipment throughout the delivery journey.

Ocean Freight

Improve customer experience with accurate, timely and up-to-date information for every ocean shipment. Ensure alignment and communication across all stakeholders and most importantly with your customers.

One View for All Ocean Shipments

See all of your ocean shipments, from every ocean carrier, in one location. Easily share ocean shipment information with your customers and trading partners and eliminate needless manual detective work searching ocean carrier, forwarder and other public websites.

Multiple Data Sources Contextualized

Shippeo leverages EDI, API and web crawling technology to gather every container event milestone and every ETA associated with each one of your ocean shipments. We mesh this data with our direct AIS satellite feed that tracks every container vessel and combine this with your purchase order information to provide a highly contextualized and configurable view.

Success story

Multimodal tracking from deep sea to road and parcel

Discover how Shippeo helped Fressnapf Group improve promotion planning to better serve customers thanks to multimodal visibility.

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Parcel tracking

Gain visibility into your parcel deliveries by connecting with major parcel specialists.

Order status for parcel

Know a parcel's real-time status, including pickup and delivery, with automated alerts.

SSCC scanning

Use SSCC or barcode scanning to provide more granular visibility of parcel tracking events

White-labelled tracking link

Automatically generate tracking links for customers and recipients in your own branding.

Combined road and ocean ETA

Gain more accurate and reliable ETA predictions for multi-leg shipments, no matter how many transport types, with our combined road and ocean ETA.

Not just web scraping

Get the most up-to-date and reliable information on ocean flows thanks to direct API integrations with our ocean carrier systems

Multi-leg documentation, in one place

Store and manage documents from multiple transport legs, such as PoD or customs forms, all in one place, providing instant clarity for issues or disputes.

Multimodal or Intermodal

Track orders, not just transport. Follow shipments across multiple modes and legs, whether its ocean, train or road, and all within the same platform.

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"We chose Shippeo because of the quality of their approach, their thorough understanding of our organization’s unique needs and their ability to provide clear business benefits. The Shippeo platform’s ability to push shipment status updates to stakeholders and customers is a game-changer, automating workflows that were largely manual before and allowing our teams to focus on core tasks, adding more value to our operations. It’s also capable of deep vertical integration, fully integrating into SAP’s ecosystem, useful for things like store management systems and parcel integration."

Matthias Wenzel
Head of Supply Chain Management, Fressnapf
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