Higher quality data that is more accurate and reliable

Achieve better real-time tracking and predictive ETAs with our high performance data and AI/ML engines, built on cutting-edge infrastructure with a team of world-class data scientists and engineers.

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Data Quality Engines

Address common data quality issues consistently and comprehensively through machine learning algorithms, data filtering and correction techniques.

Quality monitoring dashboards

ETA dashboards monitor prediction accuracy and reliability over time.

Powerful data filtering & correction

Shippeo's powerful data transformation engines process, clean and validate location data. Our Data & AI/ML engines automatically detect over 98% of incorrect delivery site addresses to help make shipment tracking more accurate.

Advanced machine learning ETA algorithms

Our state-of-the-art AI/ML-based ETA algorithm allows you to quickly anticipate problems with exceptional ETA accuracy.

Machine-learning algorithms

Our machine-learning algorithm is fueled by over 200 parameters and built using multiple years of real-time data from a large customer base.

Highly accurate ETAs, guaranteed

Rely on ETA precision designed to meet the demands of dynamic supply chains. We are so confident in the quality of our ETA that Shippeo guarantees high accuracy up to 24 hours before scheduled delivery.

Success story

Discover how Shippeo is helping Krone forge the future of trailer transport with real-time data and predictive ETAs.

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Address the causes of low data quality

Shippeo’s platform helps users discover the causes of low data quality and advises them how to improve tracking rates.

Monitor carrier compliance

View carrier compliance reporting and 24/7 monitoring of all IT integrations.

Quality newsletters

Automatically send data quality reports to your carriers to help improve low tracking rates.

Smart Tracking Analyzer™

Smart Tracking Analyzer™ automatically identifies 99.8% of user-related low tracking rate root causes and prescribes actions to fix problems and improve tracking.

Guaranteed tracking rates

Shippeo guarantees tracking of 80% of all road FTL transport and 90% of all other modes of transport, to help ensure a faster ROI for your visibility project.

“We are striving towards more automation, digitalisation and being able to operate proactively instead of reactively in order to keep supply chains effective and cost-efficient. Real-time visibility and accurate ETA predictions are key and essential to achieving this and Shippeo’s ETA is the most accurate and reliable available.”

Dr. Stephan Binnewies
Chief Operating Officer at Krone
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Shippeo Visibility Guide

Ensuring high data quality to maximize ROI of real-time transportation visibility solutions

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