Forging the future of trailer transport with real-time data.

Annual Sales
1.9 billion euros
Key markets

Leading trailer manufacturer

Krone is one of Europe’s largest trailer manufacturers, generating €1.9 billion in sales annually. Employing over 5,300 workers, the company is a leading provider of transportation vehicles and equipment in 15 key markets throughout Europe.

Laying down the data foundations to 4.0 world

Krone determined that demand is growing for trailers with built-in ETA prediction capabilities to manage transportation more effectively. The trailer manufacturer wanted to add more world-class connected services to their portfolio. This strategy would help Krone to better serve shippers’ evolving digital requirements and eventually help the company achieve its mission to offer the most complete connected trailer service within the Logistics 4.0 world.

Integrating Shippeo's real-time visibility

As a first step towards Krone’s ambition of leading the market on a new trailer-as-a-service (TaaS) business model, Krone embarked on a global strategic partnership with Shippeo to collaborate on real-time data-integrated services for customers using their own telematics solution. This new collaboration saw Krone become the first trailer manufacturer to provide real-time ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) predictions within their own trailer management solution Krone Telematics. Powered by Shippeo’s proprietary machine learning algorithm, which references over 200 data parameters, the ETA service for shipments and deliveries now available for these customers is the most accurate and reliable on the market.

We want to offer the leading solutions in the market and Shippeo’s ETA is the most accurate and reliable available.

Dr. Stephan Binnewies
Chief Operating Officer

In the years ahead, Krone will continue to collaborate with Shippeo additional TaaS solutions to incorporate more automation, digitization and artificial intelligence into trailer transport processes, with innovative ideas around improving efficiency and service available for loading, unloading and delivery, as well as affordability and value of transportation services.



Trailer customers are now expecting more smart features to be integrated into their product.


Krone partnered with Shippeo to bring market-leading ETA services to Krone Telematics customers globally.

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