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Check all the steps that you will follow during the process

Call with a Talent Acquisition:

This initial conversation serves as an opportunity to introduce Shippeo and the role, and to get to know you better. Our Talent Acquisition specialist may discuss your background, skills, and experience, as well as your motivations and expectations regarding the position. It helps us assessing if there is a potential match between you and us!.

Call with the Hiring Manager:

The Hiring Manager will delve deeper into your professional background, skills, and experience relevant to the role. This step is an opportunity for you to gain insights into the team, the project, and the overall work environment

Case Study Presented to Senior Team Members or Face-to-Face Technical Exchange:

If you progress to this stage, you may be asked to complete a case study or participate in a face-to-face technical exchange. The case study could involve problem-solving, analysis, or a simulation of tasks relevant to the position. Meeting with senior team members allows you to interact with key stakeholders.

Offer Extension:

After successfully navigating the previous stages, you may receive an offer sent by your dedicated Talent Acquisition specialist. It includes details about the role, compensation, benefits, and other relevant terms and conditions. Once you accept the offer, you will be put in contact with our HR team.

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Work-Life Balance

Our policies encompass flexible work hours, remote work options and attractive paid time off, cultivating an environment where personal and professional lives harmoniously coexist.

Health & Well-being

Our Health & Well-being benefits ensure that employees thrive with comprehensive health insurance and mental health support, promoting a holistic approach to personal well-being.

Professional Development

We provide training programs and career growth opportunities empowering Shippians to continuously learn, grow, and excel in their careers.

Tech stack

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Marketing team

The Marketing team informs and inspires our customers, partners and the ecosystem in our key markets by sharing our message and cutting-edge product innovations. The Corporate marketing team is in charge of developing our Marketing strategy, integrating PR, design and digital to bring the Shippeo brand to life.
We deploy dedicated Field Marketers across each of our key regions to inform our buyers through the development and execution of content campaigns, events and webinars.

GTM team

The Go-To-Market (GTM) team is an integral part of Shippeo’s growth mission and our development strategy. We entrust the team with the mission to help our company acquire new customers, develop existing ones, and enrich the entire ecosystem.
Our team is composed of experienced leaders with both technical understanding as well as a growth mindset and creative lens to be able to help buyers realize the total value of our product

Product & Tech team

Our Technology and Product teams design and build product solutions that help our users across the globe deliver exceptional customer service and achieve operational supply chain excellence.
Building Shippeo’s robust, mission-critical SaaS web platform helps transform our customers’ organizations by anticipating issues ahead of time and proactively alerting end-customers so they can efficiently manage exceptions. All of this is made possible by collecting and matching millions of theoretical and real-time data from different stakeholders..

Operations team

Our Operations department deepens the relationship we have with our customers and partners to help them achieve business value and get the most out of their investment with Shippeo. Once a customer embarks on their visibility journey with us we are responsible for improving customer adoption, engagement, and growth. Ultimately the operations team plays a critical role in their digital transformation journey whilst helping them unlock their supply chain’s full potential.We deploy dedicated Field Marketers across each of our key regions to inform our buyers through the development and execution of content campaigns, events and webinars.

Corporate team

Shippeo’s Corporate team is responsible for acting as our safeguard, ensuring that all of our company operations are run in compliance with local laws, rules, and regulations. Driving continuous improvements in accordance with our financial goals, the legal team protects Shippeo’s interests and supports our global growth journey. Additionally, our dedicated People Team is committed to enhancing Shippeo's culture, fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, supporting Shippians throughout their journey at Shippeo, and helping them grow professionally.