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Shippeo works with carriers of all sizes to securely collect and share real-time delivery information with their customers. This helps you, as a carrier, deliver a differentiated quality of service and benefit from significant time savings.

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Stand out from the competition

Provide your shippers with the best quality of service by giving them instant access to real-time and predictive information for all their deliveries.

Objectively measure delivery and waiting times

Delivery times are precisely recorded by GPS and geofencing, helping you objectively demonstrate you were on-time.

Significant time savings

Eliminate the need for time-consuming calls or emails, or the manual input of delivery information into multiple shipper portals.

Intuitive, easy to use platform

Say goodbye to complicated software. Your team will enjoy using our simple, yet powerful, platform on a daily basis.

The ‘3-way-win’ approach to integrating with, and onboarding, carriers

Learn about how to overcome the challenges of integrating and onboarding carriers and why it’s crucial for visibility project ROI to overcome them.

trusted by market leading companies around the world.

"Shippeo’s ETA is the most accurate and reliable solution available on the market."

Dr. Stefan Binnewies

COO at Krone

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