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Family business Ewals Cargo Care is a full-service logistics player with a wide range of services in a large number of sectors, including the automotive, chemicals, consumer goods, manufacturing and packaging industries. Ewals Cargo Care is known for its intelligent systems and processes and continuous innovation to meet the needs of customers and partners throughout Europe and beyond. The company, synonymous with capacity, reliability, flexibility and local expertise, handles approximately 2,750 shipments each day from 30 offices spread across 14 countries. Ewals has equipped all of their 3400 trailers with solar powered GPS and, in addition to its own fleet of trucks and trailers, they collaborate with hundreds of partners in order to provide maximum flexibility and service for all forms of multimodal transport.


Delays, port congestion, a long winded pandemic and record prices for containers mean that logistics service providers must keep their customers - more than ever before - closely informed, where shipments are in the chain. Ewals saw real-time shipment tracking capabilities evolving in the market and saw this as an important area to innovate in, in order to meet increasing competitive pressures and changing customer service level expectations. 

The logistics service provider works with hundreds of subcontractors active in multimodal transport, including over road, rail and short sea. Because of this, Ewals has started investing heavily in IT solutions in recent years to increase supply chain visibility. Carrier performance was partly being monitored using paper-based systems with manual driver inputs, meaning information on things like loading, delivery, delays and dwell times was sometimes missing or inaccurate.

In addition, despite already having equipped their own fleet of trucks with GPS, some of their subcontractors did not use the same onboard telematics system. The lack of a central platform to connect various tracking devices and systems also contributed to visibility gaps.

“Ewals Cargo Care selected Shippeo as a preferred partner to provide its real-time visibility platform, which is the most complete solution available on the market. In addition, Shippeo’s team is highly customer-centric and open to our evolving requirements. The Shippeo platform enables us to improve our operational efficiency and - most importantly - offer our customers a higher quality, proactive service.”

Bas Schoone
Executive Director Product Management, Ewals Cargo Care


Being predictable has become a top priority to stay competitive in logistics services and especially in the automotive, chemical and consumer electronic industries. With Shippeo, real-time and predictive visibility data is fed into Ewals’ systems, enhancing Ewals’ experience for customers through their own control tower portal and EDI connections. This allows Ewals to deliver a higher quality of service, in a predictable and transparent way, with real-time tracking and advanced ETA calculations, providing Ewals Cargo Care customers, and their customers, with transparent insight into the time of delivery and the current status. 

With this track and trace software, the logistics service provider can follow shipments accurately in real time from a single portal and integrate them into their planning system, regardless of which modality is being used. This helps customers and business partners of Ewals Cargo Care better anticipate deliveries, helping to stay ahead of competition. 

In addition, Shippeo’s platform is a self-learning system that also takes historical information into account, analyzing the constants and the variations within it, ultimately making the ETA on routes more and more accurate. For example, it learns how many breaks a driver takes on a specific route to better know what the expected route duration will be, while also taking into account real-time updates for traffic and weather.

Ewals can now also share position information out so that they can customize the amount of info they receive from Shippeo’s platform on GPS positions. This makes it possible to also manage off-duty trucks and more easily find off-duty trailers, for example. 


By implementing Shippeo’s platform, Ewals has been able to increase sales by offering a complete transport solution, including real-time visibility of transport, as well as improve end-customer experience, by proactively informing them of delays on their shipments. In addition, the company has been able to improve their ability to monitor carrier performance, using real-time insights on delays and dwell-times to better understand how efficient operations are.

Ewals Cargo Care


Lack of centralized platform to aggregate all road visibility data


End-to-end visibility for FTL and LTL road shipments


  • Improved end-customer satisfaction
  • Increased sales
  • More precise carrier performance monitoring
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