Driving customer satisfaction with a premium service offering and reducing costs with better visibility, parcel tracking and tracing capabilities.

Loads per year
12m parcels
€2.4 billion

Keeping the wheels of industry moving

Europe's largest supplier of industrial maintenance, Rubix, specializes in repair and overhaul (MRO) products and services. The company makes customers’ lives easier and creates value for their businesses with their technical and industry-specific expertise. The company is the leading distributor in bearings, transmission and automation, fluid power, machining, assembly, tools and protective equipment. With 650 locations across 23 European countries, the company employs over 8,500 employees and has more than 220,000 customers. Some of their top key brands include Brammer, Buck & Hickman, Giner, Julsa, Minetti, Montalpina, Novotech, Orexad, Robod, Schäfer Technik, Syresa, and Zitec.

Where's my truck?

Each year, the company runs a customer net promoter score (CNPS) survey to determine improvements and gain insights into customer industry trends or. In doing so, Rubix aims to see positive trends in their customer satisfaction scores, taking positive steps and direct actions to address those perceived pain points. The survey uncovered that customers wanted to have more visibility of order statuses and to have access to shipping URLs, event information and delivery confirmation.

With over 3,000 customer service staff across Europe, a significant portion of their workforce is impacted by delivery inquiries taken over the phone, each requiring further inquiries with carriers and their drivers. Many of Rubix’s customers operate largescale assembly lines and relying on on-time delivery of critical components daily to ensure efficient operations and high standards of quality.

Ultimately we chose Shippeo for their capabilities, their understanding of the European transportation market as well as our specific needs, and because they had the sophisticated yet flexible API integrations that we were looking for. There was also great synergy and values alignment between our teams, which we find important.

Matthew Glynn
Transformation and Integration Manager Commercial Effectiveness

Powering parcel tracking with predictive insights

The challenge for Rubix is to create fully connected digitalized supply chain services on forward-looking technology projects, through close collaboration with customers and suppliers. By implementing Shippeo’s real-time transportation visibility, Rubix’s supply chain team can better ensure predictable, stable and consistent service levels by leveraging improved transparency. Shippeo powers parcel tracking, facilitating a more granular level of visibility. Customers are offered a premium service offering where they’re sent links providing live delivery status and location information.

This in turn takes pressure off customer service teams and improves both customer experience and service team productivity, resulting in millions in savings. The visibility also aids in building resilience and agility by offering a greater amount of data and predictive insights to speed up strategic and tactical decision-making ability. This can make all the difference between success and failure and it’s where Shippeo’s transport visibility network gives Rubix an edge. Finally, by using Shippeo as a data aggregator, Rubix also aims to centralize and standardize business systems and processes throughout several of their European operations.



Customers requested better visibility into business-critical deliveries


Real-time parcel delivery tracking

Key Metrics

  • Up to 2 hours saved daily by customer service staff
  • Increased NPS
  • Over €900k savings per year
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