Leroy Merlin

Running lean in-store operations and improving cross-company collaboration.

Loads per year

200,000 annual deliveries

Leroy Merlin is one of the leading home improvement chains in Europe and each day all of their 145 French stores receive up to 10 deliveries from four different warehouses. The company was looking for a customer visibility portal solution to allow in-store teams to know the exact location and predicted ETA of their more than 200,000 annual deliveries, performed by 180 carriers.

Minimizing calls and idle trucks

Before having visibility of their deliveries store staff would sometimes have to idly wait for a delayed truck, or be interrupted whilst in the middle of another task to unload an out-of-schedule delivery. "Even though our transportation teams were already using Shippeo to have predictive and real-time visibility of all loads, it quickly became evident that we needed to provide each of our in-store teams with the same level of visibility," says Nicolas Davril, Head of Transportation at Leroy Merlin. "This would allow for better collaboration between teams, eliminating the need for time-consuming calls to inform others of delivery status, hence improving productivity."

“Providing in-store teams with real-time visibility allows better cross-company collaboration and improves productivity.”

Nicolas Davril
Head of Transportation

Upstream visibility for stores

Having a holistic view of operations across shippers, carriers and points of sale, it’s possible for all stakeholders to more reliably coordinate transportation activities. Shippeo’s visibility portal lets shippers give their end-customers access to a branded portal, where they can monitor all of their incoming deliveries in real-time, and see when each is scheduled to arrive. Having instant access to visibility information enables them to easily identify and plan around delayed deliveries, helping to streamline in-store operations. "In-store staff are responsible for many daily tasks, such as restocking shelves, preparing orders arriving from warehouses, and unloading goods from delivery trucks," states Nicolas Davril. "Knowing exactly when a truck will arrive lets store staff better plan their daily operations.”

Punctuality up - calls down

As well as increases in overall productivity and decreases in litigation efforts as a result of more objective delivery information, Leroy Merlin also estimates punctuality has increased by 20 points, OTIF deliveries have increased by 25% and that call volumes from stores to customer support teams have decreased by 25%.

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Leroy Merlin


Inefficient and time-consuming coordination of deliveries between operations, stores and carriers, leading to low satisfaction from store logistics teams.


Deployment of Shippeo’s Customer Portal in 145 stores as well as introduction of scorecards for carriers.

Key Metrics

  • Punctuality increased by 20 points
  • Volume of calls with stores and carriers decreased by 25%
  • OTIF deliveries increased by 25%
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