Elevating Logistics Visibility with Alpega TMS & Shippeo


Combined Power: Shippeo and Alpega TMS Transform Yara’s Logistics

Discover how the combined capabilities of Shippeo and Alpega TMS have driven Yara's increased logistics visibility and operational excellence. Learn how Yara optimized operations, improved real-time visibility, and enhanced customer experience through the integration of Shippeo and Alpega TMS.

A global leader in nitrogen (N) fertilizer production

Founded in 1905, Yara is a global leader in crop nutrition. The Norwegian company focuses on creating sustainable fertilizers for the agricultural industry, especially industrial Nitrogen. With over 17,000 employees, Yara operates in 150 countries and has an annual revenue of USD 12.9 billion, delivering 38.6 million tons of products each year.

Within Europe, Yara manages over 800,000 deliveries each year, requiring specialized and efficient supply chain management.

Zeroing in on delivery timeliness to delight demanding customers with RTTV

Pascal Lemal, Director of Transport & Operations Industrial Solutions Europe at Yara International, explains how real-time transportation visibility helps his organization improve delivery timeliness, to meet high expectations of demanding industrial customers.

“Customer expectations can be very different. Industrial ones are very demanding when it comes to delivery performance, as a delivery failure will directly impact their operations.”  

Delivering Excellence: Yara’s Success with Shippeo and Alpega TMS

By integrating Shippeo's real-time capabilities with Alpega TMS's transport management, Yara has significantly improved the accuracy of delivery times and optimized overall operational efficiency.

Yara’s customers have also experienced increased satisfaction, consistently receiving their deliveries on time.

Together, Alpega TMS and Shippeo have delivered tangible results for Yara, including greater accuracy in delivery times and enhanced transport management.

Discover the secrets of Yara's increased logistics visibility and operational excellence thanks to Alpega TMS and Shippeo partnership in our blog.

“Thanks to weekly performance reports sent to carriers, we are able to sustain the solution with minimal effort and agree on tracking KPIs with the carriers.”



Managing hundreds of thousands of deliveries each year made it challenging to meet the high customer demand for real-time visibility.


Combining the power of Alpega TMS with Shippeo logistics visibility solutions. In Europe, Yara uses Alpega TMS, integrated with their SAP system, to help stakeholders collaborate and track key delivery events. To enhance real-time visibility, Yara adopted Shippeo’s Cloud solution, which integrates with Alpega TMS, enabling real-time tracking and monitoring of shipments.

Key Metrics

  • Reduced costs (mainly components shortages that leads to plant shutdown)
  • Improved the accuracy of delivery times
  • Optimized overall operational efficiency
  • Increased customer satisfaction by consistently and reliably meeting delivery expectations

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