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Coca-Cola HBC

Leveraging real-time transportation visibility to streamline logistics operations while further improving on-time deliveries to customers.

Flows tracked per year
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Third largest in the world

Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (HBC) is a FTSE 100 company and operates in 28 markets spanning three continents, generating revenues of more than €7 billion annually from more than 2 billion unit cases of product. The third largest strategic bottling partner of The Coca-Cola Company, Coca-Cola HBC’s geographical reach stretches from the west coast of Ireland to the east coast of Russia, and from the Baltics to Nigeria. The company’s unique portfolio of brands, mix of geographies and distribution channels make it a leader in consumer packaged goods, as well as the world’s most sustainable beverage company according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI).  

A complex global operation

Transporting over 400,000 truckloads to customers each year, the scale, diversity of countries and complexity of Coca-Cola HBC’s operation creates a large administrative effort to coordinate with transport carriers. This in turn made handling exceptions time consuming. Ultimately, a lack of visibility of deliveries for recipients and customers impacted the potential to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, while administrative teams found themselves frequently occupied with non-value adding tasks.

"We wanted to accelerate our customer centric capabilities through a major leap in supply chain visibility. After a thorough evaluation of the solutions available on the market, we concluded that Shippeo could fit well for this purpose. Shippeo’s platform provides both the flexibility and capabilities to meet our specific needs. A smooth integration with SAP and our existing systems was also an important factor for the final decision as we wanted to limit manual activities to the shortest possible time frame.”

Antonio Ventriglia
Group Logistics Director

Visibility adding value

By implementing Shippeo’s real-time transportation visibility solution, Coca-Cola HBC streamlined their logistics operations while further improving on-time deliveries to their customers. The real-time visibility across Coca-Cola HBC’s transportation network allows the company to enhance both internal and external logistics efficiency, by boosting collaboration with their carriers.

Shippeo’s platform uses machine learning to calculate accurate ETAs and other delivery statuses, which are automatically communicated in real-time amongst Coca-Cola HBC’s suppliers and customers, helping to ensure alignment and cut down on customer inquiries for their admin teams. This allows them to better focus on more value-added activities and on managing exceptions.

The deployment of Shippeo’s solution improves service levels while at the same time reduces transportation costs, thanks to a reduction in waiting times, improved flexibility and resources planning. Shippeo’s platform provides both the flexibility and capabilities to meet Coca-Cola HBC’s specific needs. Easy integration between SAP and their existing systems was also an important factor for partnering with Shippeo as they wanted to limit manual activities to the shortest possible time frame.

Ice-cold gains in efficiency, service and reduced costs

With the required tracking rate threshold already reached, Coca-Cola HBC are now leveraging data analytics to improve service levels and capture productivity gains. Internal and external logistics efficiency has increased thanks to a reductions in calls, emails and other back-office activities carried out by administrative teams, contributing towards an overall decrease in transportation costs.

*60,000 FTL loads per year as at 1 Nov 2021, with a total expected volume under project scope of 400,000 FTL loads per year

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Coca-Cola HBC


A large and complex global operation creates a large and inefficient administrative effort impacts customer satisfaction.


Real-time transportation visibility enhances logistics efficiency by boosting collaboration with carriers.

Key Metrics

  • Required tracking rate threshold reached
  • Improved service levels
  • Greater internal and external logistics efficiency
  • Reduced calls, emails and other back-office activities
  • Decrease in transportation costs
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