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Streamlining operations at depots and providing franchisee store owners with accurate and reliable information on their incoming deliveries.

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One of the biggest supermarket brands in the world

Carrefour Group is one of the largest retail chains in Europe and one of the largest in the world with more than 12,000 stores in more than 38 countries. Carrefour Belgium has more than 10,000 employees and a turnover of roughly €4 billion. Each day, around 250 trucks make 450 trips throughout their store network, delivering to 850 stores.

Focussing on franchisees

One of the main challenges for Carrefour Belgium’s supply chain management is ensuring a high level of store owner satisfaction. 90% of the supermarket chain’s store network are franchised, making the satisfaction of franchisees incredibly important to the brand’s overall success. Delivering a high-quality experience for owners involves ensuring consistent product availability and ensuring on-time deliveries of stock. When deliveries are late, it can have repercussions for store staff. Without access to delivery information, staff get stressed, resorting to phone calls and emails to follow up on shipment statuses. Receiving a delivery means taking time away from the shop floor, where they could be making sales or restocking shelves. If a delivery comes at busy time for the store, it could mean missed sales or disgruntled customers.

At Carrefour warehouses and distribution centers, the short turnaround time between inbound and outbound shipments, coupled with the high volume of stock moving, increases the risk of products missing a transfer, resulting in stock-outs further down the chain.

One platform, many benefits

Shippeo’s platform combines the different transport activities from Carrefour’s various transport platforms into one platform, in real-time. Trucks equipped with onboard computer devices facilitate the real-time tracking of their position. A machine learning algorithm takes information from systems across Carrefour’s transportation network and accurately predicts shipment ETAs. Stores are automatically notified of shipment statuses via email and SMS and are provided with a link allowing them to track their deliveries in real-time, helping them better organize their daily routines. It also helps staff in distribution centers to proactively take corrective measures if they know an incoming flow is delayed. It also allows them to cut down on emails and phone calls, saving on administrative efforts.

"Shippeo is a state of the art tool, helping us plan and anticipate daily operations in our distribution centers and stores, leveraging proactive and real-time ETA notifications. The teams at Shippeo carried out our carrier integrations quickly and on time, while their support teams were both helpful and responsive."

Ignace Craeye
Director E-Logistics

Real-time data that satisfies

The improvements brought by visibility through Carrefour’s supply chain help keep franchisee satisfaction levels high. However, the Shippeo platform is also helping supply chain logistics teams better monitor transportation performance to objectively measure the difference between planned and actual arrival time, which helps focus efforts to enhance productivity within stores. In the same way, carrier turnaround times are objectively measured, to help optimize performance.

Carrefour Belgium


The fast pace and high volume of deliveries means there's little room for error when it comes to keeping satisfaction levels high for both franchisee store owners and end customers.


Providing store and distribution center staff with access to real-time visibility to better plan and execute daily operations.

Key Metrics

  • Increased franchisee satisfaction
  • Improved measurement of carrier performance and turnaround times
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