Fressnapf Group

Improving promotion planning to better serve customers with multimodal visibility.

1,650 in 11 countries
30 (road)
Container shipments
10,000 per year
Truck loads
25,000 per year

Europe's largest pet store

Fressnapf Group is Europe’s largest pet supplies retailer with 10,000 products available online and in over 1,650 Fressnapf and Maxi Zoo stores in 11 European countries.

A heartbeat driven by supply chain

The European pet industry is a dynamic and growing market, with limited suppliers, driven heavily by in-store promotions. Poor inventory management has a direct impact on sales potential, so strong planning and accurate data is required for forecasting inventory levels. This makes the supply chain a critical contributor to the organization’s success, effectively driving its heartbeat, and as such is an important enabler of growth. As part of Fressnapf Group’s ongoing digital transformation program, the organization needed to invest heavily in building new digital capabilities for their supply chain, to provide best-in-class customer experiences and to stay ahead of the competition.

Spanning from China to North America and throughout Europe, Fressnapf Group’s supply chain is vast, complex and relies on multiple modes of transportation, from deep sea to road – with 10,000 containers and over 25,000 truck deliveries annually. Prior to using Shippeo, Fressnapf Group had no visibility of container shipments until they arrived. Fluctuations in delivery performance before and during the Covid-19 pandemic, highlighted the need for precise knowledge on the movement of shipments to and from distribution centers.

Multimodal tracking from deep sea to road and parcel

Shippeo’s predictive visibility platform allows Fressnapf Group to gain a full end-to-end view of stock transit from North America, China and Europe to their five distribution centers in Germany, tracking via deep sea to Rotterdam port, via barge to Duisport and then via road, all in real-time. The solution helps to make the supply chains of key product portfolios more secure and resilient by eliminating operational blind spots. Real-time data on deliveries can be shared via automatic notification service to all channels, including inbound as well as outbound to stores and customers, improving the customer experience.

Shippeo’s solution features a market-leading proprietary algorithm that converts location data into highly accurate and reliable ETAs, allowing Fressnapf Group’s supply chain managers to anticipate and proactively respond to disruptions or delays. Accurate delivery ETAs enable more optimized shelf and promotion planning at stores. By integrating with their transport management systems and connecting to carrier’s telematics, Shippeo’s platform collects a wide variety of location and order information across the supply chain.

In addition to best-in-market road tracking, Shippeo provides combined terrestrial and satellite tracking, which enables more accurate ocean freight tracking ETAs. The platform integrates with a number of data sources, combining information from the vessel, container and port terminals, in addition to road, and determines a precise combined ETA for multimodal transport, such as maritime, barge, road and parcel. It also features the highest maritime lane coverage compared to other solutions on the market and is capable of connecting quickly with new port terminals and shipping lines.

We chose Shippeo because of the quality of their approach, their thorough understanding of our organization’s unique needs and their ability to provide clear business benefits. The Shippeo platform’s ability to push shipment status updates to stakeholders and customers is a game-changer, automating workflows that were largely manual before and allowing our teams to focus on core tasks, adding more value to our operations. It’s also capable of deep vertical integration, fully integrating into SAP’s ecosystem, useful for things like store management systems and parcel integration.

Matthias Wenzel
Head of Supply Chain Management

Visibility a growth enabler

Thanks to improved transportation visibility, Fressnapf benefits from increased logistics efficiency in warehouses, a 7% increase in availability of goods at point of sale and improve visibility of promotion stock levels. The company also gains increased productivity of supply chain teams, thanks to improved reactivity of customer service and shipping teams. Optimized transport helps lower costs through improved carrier performance management. Lastly, the better overall visibility and service increases sales, by enabling greater growth, as well as improves customer satisfaction.

Fressnapf Group


Lack of visibility of container shipments until they arrived in Germany, impacting execution of promotions and customer satisfaction.


Multimodal tracking across maritime, barge, road and parcel integration.

Key Metrics

  • Increased logistics efficiency
  • Increased supply chain team productivity
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • 7% increase in availability of goods at point of sale
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