Renault's Digital Supply Chain Transformation

October 27, 2022

The sheer scale of Renault's supply chain with all its moving parts makes for a very complex supply chain and results in significant operational and logistical challenges. Production line disruption caused by delays of parts or worker shortages at its plants can result in significant unplanned costs, frustrated trading partners and angry customers. To address these challenges head-on, Renault has embarked upon an ambitious digital transformation journey to create a next-generation digital supply chain. By its very nature, a digital supply chain needs to be underpinned by high-quality visibility data. In keeping with its innovative culture, Renault has partnered with Shippeo, a world leader in real-time supply chain visibility to manage their supply chains, increase the transparency of operations thanks to the best-in-class predictive Shippeo ETA algorithms.

Key components of the Renault project implemented by Shippeo have included, the onboarding of 100 carriers in 6 months (3000 orders tracked per day), as well as collection and analysis of real-time data to maintain the Renault Control Tower.

We are delighted to welcome Renata De Grande Matias, Process Engineering Transport Manager at Renault and Anand Medepalli, CPO at Shippeo for this exceptional webinar session to discuss:  

  • How does visibility fit Renault's overall digital supply chain transformation?
  • What is the added value to Renault’s supply chain of visibility powered by Shippeo? And to Renault’s partners?
  • Which are the key success points to deploy a visibility project in industry?
  • What are the next steps on Renault's visibility journey?

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Anand Medepalli
Chief Product Officer

Anand has over 25 years of experience as a trusted advisor with leading companies in product strategies, commercial account strategies, and asset planning decisions in transportation, supply chain, and financial services. He has spent much of his career advising companies and defining innovative solutions to drive their growth. Before Shippeo, Anand was Head of AI Solutions at ServiceNow, following the acquisition of Element AI, where he was Head of Products. Previous to this experience, Anand worked for several years at Blue Yonder, as the VP of Retail Planning products.

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Renata De Grande Matias
Process Engineering Transport Manager
Renault Group

Renata has more than 14 years’ experience on the Renault Group inbound and outbound logistics. As Process Engineering Transport Manager, she is responsible of leading the team to improve inbound transport processes and contribute to the digital transformation of Renault Supply Chain. She holds an Engineering double degree of Escola Poiltécnica de São Paulo and of Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées and an MBA on international management.

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