Building and managing a sustainable Supply Chain

June 29, 2022

Sustainability remains a focal point on supply chain agendas worldwide. Yet, the expectations and increased pressure to achieve sustainability vary.

On the 29th June, Shippeo's CPO, Anand Medepalli, joined a panel of industry experts on Supply Chain Talk - the UK’s premier supply chain talk show by Business Reporter to have a thought-provoking conversation with top minds in the industry on their sustainability journey.

What you’ll learn in this webinar recording:

· Working to improve the environmental footprint of the supply chains and cutting greenhouse gas emissions

· The challenges and opportunities companies face when implementing sustainability measures

· How to build a more ethical and sustainable supply chain through procurement

· How sustainability can be achieved with supply chain visibility

This webinar will benefit:

·CSCO's, VPs/GMs of Supply Chain, Heads of Procurement & Sustainability to optimize their supply chains and make them more sustainable.

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Anand Medepalli
Chief Product Officer

Anand has over 25 years of experience as a trusted advisor with leading companies in product strategies, commercial account strategies, and asset planning decisions in transportation, supply chain, and financial services. He has spent much of his career advising companies and defining innovative solutions to drive their growth. Before Shippeo, Anand was Head of AI Solutions at ServiceNow, following the acquisition of Element AI, where he was Head of Products. Previous to this experience, Anand worked for several years at Blue Yonder, as the VP of Retail Planning products.

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Michael Brooman
Head of Supply Chain
Community Fibre Limited

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Soraya Karimi-Ghovanlou
Supply Chain Director
Smithfield Foods

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Dan Withers
Head of Category - Supply Chain & Logistics Procurement

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