Building customer-centric supply chains for Prysmian 

July 8, 2021

Competitive differentiation for B2B business is today defined by speed, consistency, reliability, and trust. In a practical sense, that means shifting from reactive to proactive, customer-centric supply chains. Prysmian, the global player in the electric power transmission& telecommunications cables and systems manufacturing, has developed a customer center supply chain strategy strongly relying on visibility powered by Shippeo.

During this webinar recording, you will discover:

  1. The major challenges to build customer-centric supply chains (BVL)
  2. Prysmian's roadmap to customer-centric supply chains
  3. The role of transportation visibility powered by Shippeo
  4. How to effectively measure the value created for customers via scorecards

Who this webinar recording will benefit:

  • General Managers to better leverage their supply chain
  • VPs of Supply Chain to optimize their supply chain
  • Heads of Transportation to provide real-time visibility to their customers
  • CIOs to feed into their digital transformation journey
  • Speaker Image
    Daniela Holzmann
    Customer Success Manager

    Speaker Image
    Jack Mulder
    Logistic Director BU MMS Telecom Solution
    Prysmian Group