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June 15, 2022

Change, transformation and innovation are buzzwords heard every day by those involved in supply chain – whether shipper, manufacturer, carrier or solution and service provider.  

While circumstances are changing and businesses are evolving, so too are requirements. Until very recently, it was quite usual for carriers to be the ones to seek the business of shippers. Now, the nature of this relationship has changed – with innovative shippers being the ones to spark the connection.

Join Bastian Kuhn, Strategic Account Executive at Shippeo, Felix Kaemmerer, Vice President at 4flow and Andrew Askin, Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager Logistics - Europe and CIS at Mars, on Wednesday, June 15, 2022, 2 PM (CEST) for a discussion on what makes a shipper, a shipper of choice and why reliable solution providers can make or break a deal.    

Our discussion will offer insights into the collaboration of Mars and 4flow. In addition, we will demonstrate how 4flow and Shippeo offer exceptional – and indispensable services for supply chain visibility.

What you’ll learn in this webinar recording:

· How shippers have adapted by putting themselves “on the market”

· What makes a shipper, a shipper of choice

· Why Mars is considered a shipper of choice

How will you benefit from the webinar :

· Receive first-hand insights on how innovative businesses are benefiting from this shift and how your (supply chain) business can too

· Identify the opportunities that come with shippers looking to attract service and solution providers

· Understand how to increase the scope of your business while reducing dependencies

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Bastian Kuhn
Strategic Account Executive

Bastian Kuhn is the Strategic Account Executive for the sectors of Retail and FMCG for Shippeo in the Central and Eastern European regions. Bastian is passionate about unlocking the potential to digitalize the supply chain, with an extensive SaaS sales and consulting background in Europe and North America.

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Andrew Askin
Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager Logistics

Andrew Askin is the Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager Logistics at Mars. His responsibilities include sourcing activities covering all of Mars’ European transportation and warehousing activities for Europe and the CIS countries. Andrew is passionate about finding long-term solutions to optimize Mars’ logistics operations together with their partner eco-system.

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Felix Kaemmerer
Vice President

Felix Kaemmerer is Vice President at 4flow. In his role he is responsible for the success of 4flow’s 4PL activities with different clients in the automotive and consumer goods sector. Felix loves innovating with clients and translating ideas into solutions. In his spare time he enjoys travelling, especially within Italy.

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