2023: A hard landing for container shipping

November 30, 2022

The last year has seen a high degree of turbulence in the container shipping market, with great instability and dramatic shifts in demand levels. Now it's predicted that the container shipping industry is in for a hard landing over the next few months and into 2023.

Ocean freight expert Lars Jensen, CEO and Partner at Vespucci Maritime, gives an interesting presentation on why the container shipping industry is in for a rough year in 2023, and what the repercussions will be throughout the entire ecosystem.

Speaker Image
Lars Jensen
CEO & Partner
Vespucci Maritime

Lars Jensen is CEO of Vespucci Maritime, and is an analyst and thought leader providing expertassistance in strategic decision making and analysis in the wider container shipping industry. Lars has 21 years of experience from inside the container shipping industry, whereof the last 11 yearshas been as an independent analyst and consultant for carriers, shippers, ports and maritime technology firms. Lars is the author of the book “Liner Shipping 2025” focusing on the changes to come in the industry and how carriers, terminals, ports, shippers and forwards should navigate these changes to emerge successfully.

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