Building Antifragile Supply Chains: A Live Demo with Shippeo

July 9, 2024

Supply chains are increasingly facing volatile, unpredictable, complex, and ambiguous ("VUCA") conditions. Can these challenges drive a new era in supply chain management? Discover how real-time visibility technologies can create antifragile supply chains that withstand and thrive amid disruptions.
Join Shippeo’s supply chain visibility experts, Ross Hickey and CO.2 expert Michael Muro, for an insightful overview of real-world use cases and a live demo of our platform and learn how real-time visibility technology is helping supply chain leaders navigate disruptions.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How real-time visibility optimizes your transportation flows in an unpredictable environment
  • How real-time visibility enhances operational team productivity and minimizes the impact of exceptions
  • How real-time visibility improves your ability to respond quickly and effectively to mitigate risks

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your supply chain with live demonstrations of Shippeo's visibility platform!

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