Why successful 3PLs are investing in visibility for their teams and customers?

September 11, 2019

Increased visibility is one of the most common requests made by customers of 3PLs. It's also where you will find the greatest amount of investment when it comes to software. Just like consumers want to know when their Amazon package will be delivered, or even where it is on route – customers are starting to expect the same level of tracking and real-time updates from their 3PL vendors.

This level of transparency is also becoming increasingly important for internal and customer-facing communications. For 3PLs, every missed email is a missed opportunity – and potential lost revenue. That's why they are adopting software solutions that help their teams collaborate more effectively and manage their high volume of emails.

The 3PLs that invest in visibility today are poised to separate themselves from the competition and win over the market. Join us for a conversation on Wednesday, September 11th at 11am with Lucien Besse, Co-founder & COO of Shippeo, and Vishal Vibhaker, Marketing at Front, who will discuss How 3PLs can use tech to improve visibility.

In this webinar recording, you will learn:

- How to empower your team with real-time data

- The ROI of software solutions that provide increased visibility

- Tips for automating customer communications

Who this webinar recording will benefit:

  • General Managers to better leverage their supply chain
  • VPs of Supply Chain to optimize their supply chain
  • Heads of Transportation to provide real-time visibility to their customers
  • CIOs to feed into their digital transformation journey
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