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Upply adds transport visibility for its Marketplace customers with Shippeo's track and trace solution


Paris, 7 January 2021 - The tracking of goods has become an essential requirement for shippers, enabling visibility across shipping lanes and the ability to anticipate issues. Users of Upply Marketplace can now benefit from a state-of-the-art real-time tracking service, thanks to the integration of Shippeo's visibility solution.

With 90% of goods circulating in France delivered by truck, shipment tracking and visibility is now essential for road transport. In order to best meet the expectations of its Marketplace users, Upply has decided to partner with Shippeo, the European leader in visibility solutions for transport and supply chain.

End-to-end visibility across transport operations for shippers
Vehicle positions, estimated times of arrival, proactive alerts, and more: the predictive, real-time visibility service offers new functionalities to streamline and manage operations to shippers, logistics providers and carriers using Upply. These new capabilities will allow Upply to enhance the digital experience for transport organizations at each step, from truck search to automatic invoicing triggered by proof of delivery verification, by utilizing real-time shipment tracking through to delivery.

The Upply Marketplace puts shippers and carriers in touch with each other for journeys originating and terminating in France. Access to the new tracking and visibility service requires carriers to be connected to the Shippeo platform. The advantage of Shippeo’s solution is that it covers more than 80% of the French market and integrates more than 700 TMS and telematics systems.

"Empowering users'’ is one of Upply's core values. By strengthening operational monitoring and visibility capabilities of our customers’ transport operations, this new collaboration allows us to go even further in our mission.", says Boris Pernet, Upply's CEO.
"We are delighted to support Upply in its promise of visibility and quality of service to its customers. Our large network of partners already using Shippeo will allow a rapid solution deployment", adds Lucien Besse, COO of Shippeo.

A tool for optimizing the quality of service offered by carriers
For carriers, the traceability and visibility service makes it possible to better meet the requirements of shippers, enabling them to offer a better quality of service and to differentiate themselves from the competition. Instant exchange of delivery information to customer systems also increases team productivity by reducing manual data entry, calls and emails.

Optional service at no extra cost to users
True to its position as a neutral trusted third party, Upply gives carriers the choice whether or not to take advantage of the Shippeo service, which is at no extra cost.

About Upply
Launched in November 2018, Upply is a digital marketplace dedicated to transport and supply chain professionals. Upply is redefining the fundamentals of the market by offering digital solutions to overcome the volatility of transport prices and a marketplace that directly connects shippers and freight carriers. In keeping with its vision of a world where the supply chain must be simple and fluid, Upply allows professionals (carriers, shippers, consulting firms, freight forwarders) to overcome the opacity of information and the imbalance between supply and demand on the market. Upply employs data scientists, logistics and IT professionals, and digital experts. The company is based in Paris.