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Unimasters Logistics delivers a differentiated quality of service to their European customers thanks to Shippeo's predictive visibility platform


This strategic partnership allows Shippeo to expand its footprint in the European market, as well as establish strong relationships with a larger carrier network, while at the same time allowing Unimasters Logistics to deliver more value for its most demanding customers

Paris, October 30, 2018: Unimasters Logistics, a leading European logistics service provider, has signed a 3-year contract with Shippeo, the European leader in supply chain visibility, to increase value for their most demanding customers by delivering a differentiated quality of service.  

In the last years, Unimasters Logistics has adopted a very strong digital strategy in order to better serve its customers spread across 5 continents. With real-time visibility being one of the most important objectives for many of their global customers, many of whom are located in Europe, Unimasters sought to partner with a supply chain visibility expert in this region. Bringing transparency into their customers' supply chain operations will help them quickly anticipate problems and mitigate the impact of these, which drives operational excellence and delivers a strong value for even the most demanding of customers.

Unimasters Logistics works with more than 50 transportation companies throughout Europe, which means that this strategic partnership will also help Shippeo create strong relationships with their carrier network. In addition, since many of Unimasters' main customers are European, Shippeo will also be able to further expand its footprint in this market.

“Shippeo is a strategic partner of Unimasters in the digitalisation of the supply chains of our customers," mentions Nikolai Bozhilov, Executive Chairman of Unimasters Logistics Plc. "The new solution will enable our teams to greatly improve JIT transportation through full visibility of the transportation process, improve time slot scheduling and increase value to our most demanding customers.”
"We are increasingly seeing companies who have predictive visibility into their supply chain operations are able to deliver a differentiated quality of service to their customers," says Lucien Besse, COO and co-founder of Shippeo. "We are very excited, and looking forward, to be working with Unimasters to help them create even more value for their customers across Europe."