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Stackr and Shippeo launch "Fast Track", a breakthrough innovation to accelerate transportation flows


Stackr, a specialist in automated and optimized access management to logistics and industrial sites, announces an exclusive partnership with Shippeo, the leading predictive and real-time supply chain visibility platform in Europe.

Currently, the management of loading and deliveries at warehouses and/or factories is a considerable problem for all parties, with an average waiting time of 2 hours at both loading and delivery sites, according to the National Road Committee (CNR), which accounts to more than 4 hours of non-productive time per day. (1)

To address this painpoint, Stackr and Shippeo have created "Fast Track", a solution which gives carrier instant access to logistics sites, therefore reducing waiting times to zero and speeding up transportation flows.

"Shippers, logistics providers, and carriers expect collaborative, real-time solutions that can automate processes, ensure objectivity and reliability of information, and increase productivity and efficiency for all parties," says Guillaume Portella, Sales and Marketing Director at Stackr.
"With the shortage of drivers constantly increasing in France and Europe, the fluidity of loading and delivery operations, as well as time savings, have become a high priority. "Fast Track" makes it possible to accelerate transportation flows," adds Pierre Khoury, CEO and co-founder of Shippeo.
"We want to replicate the electronic check-in and boarding pass scenario that currently exists in air transportation. Today more than 57% of passengers use electronic solutions to save time and make all the air travel steps more fluid. (2)  There is no reason why carriers should have to wait 4 hours per day, as well as for road transportation to not be as digitized as air travel," comment Guillaume Portella and Pierre Khoury.

Formalized on June 1st in Lyon, the partnership between Stackr and Shippeo is made possible due to the strong innovation capacity of both companies, and responds to the major needs for innovation and digitization of the supply chain sought by shippers, logistics providers, and carriers. This initiative is also part of the Supply Chain 4.0 trend adopted by many major manufacturers and retailers.

A secured "Fast Track" access

1. The first value-added of "Fast Track" takes place before a truck's arrival to a loading site:

After a shipper and a carrier's validation, the Shippeo platform directly transmits a truck's estimated time of arrival (ETA) to e-Gestrack, the Stackr solution. The recipient of this information can therefore have a complete view in e-Gestrack of trucks arriving and those already on site.

In the same way, if a problem delays a truck's arrival or if a truck arrives earlier than expected, Shippeo informs e-Gestrack and the site manager. The latter can then anticipate and adjust its site's capabilities and resources and also allow emergency treatment of a truck that has already arrived.

2. The second value-added of "Fast Track" takes place on site:

In a secure way, data that has been pre-filled by the different parties (vehicle registration, driver name, goods transported, safety standards, etc.) is synchronized with the e-Gestrack solution. This information is reconciled and controlled with the data contained in the e-Gestrack appointment management module.

Thus, when the vehicle and the driver arrive at on site, access control is automated using e-Gestrack sensors and video systems and the barrier opens automatically without requiring that the driver leave the vehicle.

Simultaneously, via the mobile application or the platform's message panel, the driver receives the dock where he must be positioned and is guided by GPS on how to get there. Overall, as soon as he arrives at the check-in post, and in a fluid manner, the driver can automatically pass the gates and position himself directly on the dock, without any waiting time.

For site managers, the parking of trucks at the entrance of sites and the required parking lot area are decreased thanks to a more streamlined and fluid site entrance process.

Strong value-added for carriers

Carriers also strongly benefit from the Stackr and Shippeo partnership. With their predictive and real-time location being shared with sites, site managers can ensure waiting times are eliminated.

Joint customers and prospects

Thanks to their important innovation culture, Stackr and Shippeo share many common customers who will benefit from the "Fast Track" solution.

"Our partnership is meant to be long-lasting. It will be enriched by our respective expertise to develop value-added services that benefit our joint customers. It also opens up new growth prospects for our respective activities," adds Guillaume Portella.
"We are very excited to collaborate with Stackr to help digitize and fluidify supply chains of market-leading companies. Thanks to this partnership, our joint customers will be able to accelerate their transportation flows and automate their loading and unloading operations," mentions Pierre Khoury, CEO and cofounder of Shippeo.



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