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Shippeo extends paperless transportation and advanced pallet scanning capabilities to its real-time visibility platform


PARIS, 7 July – Shippeo, the European leader in real-time transportation (RTT) visibility solutions, has announced a new mobile application, offering a range of new capabilities for shippers, 3PL/4PLs and carriers. Shippeo’s mobile application allows truck drivers to manage electronic Bill of Lading via smartphone quickly and easily, unlocking the benefits of paperless administration. These include instant synchronisation with TMS for faster billing while also reducing administrative cost. In addition, electronic forms avoid paper handling, reducing hygiene concerns amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Of course PDA devices are already widely used for this but we’ve discovered they often don’t connect with a carrier’s TMS,” explains Karen Da Silva, Product Manager at Shippeo. “Without this integration, the information isn’t accessible to the shipper. Shippeo’s integrated platform helps to reduce administrative tasks by keeping everything in sync, with automated processes and notifications, while making operations more secure.”

The new Shippeo mobile application features include:

  • Paperless proof of delivery for last mile

The mobile app integrates the generation of electronic Bills of Lading (or eCMRs) capturing electronic signatures and enabling paperless proof of delivery and faster invoicing. Delivery personnel can quickly report on delivery completion, whether it was done OTIF (on time, in full) and complied with protocols, with the ability to take a photo of the item upon delivery. This data is synchronized with the platform in real-time, giving customer support teams instant access and triggering proactive alerts and notifications on delivery status automatically sent to customers.

  • Unique and granular traceability from truck- to unit-level

The application allows precise tracking of LTL loads, granting visibility down to the logistics unit level, capturing all key movements of a shipment throughout the delivery journey. The app comes with many standard pallet types prepopulated, with other unit sizes being customizable, from packages through to extra-large custom-sized shipments.

  • SSCC pallet scanning for improved locating of returnable packaging

The ability to scan a pallet’s unique SSCC code via the mobile application also makes it easier to recover lost pallets, saving shippers and carriers the cost of replacements, by showing the pallet’s last known location.

  • Dynamic milk-run synchronization

It also displays tour information, helping to organize milk runs and LTL loads. Any changes made to milk-runs by operational teams in their TMS are automatically and instantly synchronized with the app, increasing operational agility.

These new capabilities represent another key milestone for the transportation visibility provider, following recent deployment of ocean tracking and parcel tracking capabilities.

"Our incredible product team is working on a strong pipeline of product enhancements, as we listen closely to our customers’ evolving needs” says Lucien Besse, Chief Operating Officer at Shippeo. “Our aim is for the platform to surpass their expectations and exceed ROI goals as they leverage improved visibility to source greater value from their supply chain transport operations.