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Shippeo delivers Ewals Cargo Care ETA innovation for further growth


Amsterdam/Paris, 12 November 2020 - Shippeo, the European leader in Real-Time Transportation Visibility solutions, has joined forces with logistics service provider Ewals Cargo Care.

Ewals Cargo Care is known for its intelligent systems and processes and continuous innovation to meet the needs of customers and partners throughout Europe and beyond. The company, synonymous with capacity, reliability, flexibility and local expertise, handles approximately 3,400 shipments each day from 33 offices spread across 15 countries.

In addition to its own fleet of trucks and trailers, Ewals collaborates with hundreds of partners in order to provide maximum flexibility and service for all forms of multimodal transport.

Shipment visibility has become a top priority in order to remain competitive in the supply chain sector. Shippeo’s platform predicts highly accurate ETAs and displays them in real-time. The ETA calculation predicts a precise time of delivery, even if the shipment travels via multiple legs and modes of transport. This will soon help customers and business partners of Ewals Cargo Care better anticipate deliveries, helping to stay ahead of competition.

Ewals Cargo Care offers companies all over the world an innovative, uniform product, built partly on its own IT platform integrated with experts’ systems, now also including Shippeo. Shippeo’s modern platform, which leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, was selected for being a single portal capable of connecting to any solution from customers and partners, including other real-time visibility platforms.

Bas Schoone, General Manager, BU Ewals Logistics Control and responsible for the implementation of Shippeo within Ewals: "Ewals Cargo Care has selected Shippeo as a preferred partner to provide its real-time visibility platform which is the most complete solution available on the market. In addition, Shippeo’s team is highly customer-centric and open to our evolving requirements. The Shippeo platform will enable us to improve our operational efficiency and - most importantly - offer our customers a more qualitative and proactive service!"

Dennis van Bodegom, Director Shippeo Northern Europe: "It is a privilege to work with Ewals Cargo Care - a wonderful family business that has grown over the last century by ongoing innovation. The multi-track and multimodal ETA calculations are an important distinguishing factor, making Ewals Cargo Care a forerunner."

About Ewals Cargo Care

Family business Ewals Cargo Care was founded in 1906 by Alfons Ewals. The company became well known for its transport to and from the United Kingdom, especially for the automotive industry. More than 100 years and 3 generations later, the company has developed into a full-service logistics player with a wide range of services in a large number of sectors, including the automotive, logistics services, consumer goods, manufacturing and packaging industry. Ewals CargoCare organizes full, partial and project cargoes, optimizes and oversees logistics operations for customers via Control Tower set-ups, and providesValue Added Logistics. Ewals Cargo Care's activities are focused on Europe and through partners also outside Europe, with a special focus on South-East Asia. Ewals Cargo Care has its own fleet of more than 3,400 Mega Huckepack trailers, mostly with XLS system. With this type of trailer, up to 100 cubic meters of cargo can be transported via a variety of modalities: road, sea and rail. The strength of the multimodal European network is enhanced by Ewals' local expertise and partnerships. Approximately 3,400 loads are transported daily from 33 offices, spread across 15 countries. For more information: