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Shippeo and 4flow partner globally to deliver increased supply chain visibility


Turning real-time tracking information into actionable solutions for customers

Paris, Berlin, 14 May 2020 : 4flow, leading provider of supply chain consulting, software and fourth party logistics (4PL) services, has partnered with Shippeo, leading provider for real-time transportation visibility, to drive increased supply chain visibility and leverage efficiencies for shippers, carriers and end customers.

Founded in 2014, Shippeo currently tracks more than 5 million truck loads per year and connects to more than 140,000 carriers in more than 62 countries by giving instant access to real-time tracking and predictive ETAs by way of their proprietary, machine learning algorithm.

Through the global partnership with Shippeo, 4flow has enhanced its integrated transportation management system (iTMS) by creating the data layer necessary to unlock the potential of real-time tracking. The advantage of turning accurate arrival time calculations into actionable measures enables 4flow to support customers quickly by evaluating impacts on processes or production. This ultimately results in more efficient exception management.

"Our teams continuously monitor networks and manage issues arising in the supply chain. With the integration of real-time tracking information provided by Shippeo into our iTMS, we can identify deviations much earlier, thereby reducing additional costs,” said Julian Schulcz, COO at 4flow. It’s now possible for 4flow’s execution teams to instantly trace a single part right down to the truck carrying it, which displays on an onscreen map and flashes if it is delayed by traffic.
"We are extremely proud to welcome 4flow to the Shippeo community through this global partnership. Real-time data and optimized ETA calculation combined with 4flow’s deep understanding of supply chain optimization will help to build more resilient and efficient supply chains for our joint customers. We know that this is a key concern for supply chain leaders wanting to emerge in the best possible position after the current Covid-19 crisis” said Shippeo co-founder and COO, Lucien Besse.

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