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Press release

Large scale deployment of Shippeo’s transport tracking and visibility platform with Saint Gobain Glass Logistics


At the 4th supplier awards ceremony of Saint Gobain Glass Logistics, that gathered over 200 of its partners on December 1st, Shippeo announced the deployment of its real time tracking solution on an annual perimeter of 20 000 shipments.

Saint Gobain Glass Logistics wished to equip its operations team with a solution that enabled real-time monitoring of all its shipments. From July to October 2016, Shippeo conducted an initial pilot phase with two of Saint Gobain’s most important carriers that demonstrated the efficiency of the solution and allowed for a wider deployment of the Shippeo solution.

This deployment, which started in November, covers the entire perimeter of semi-truck shipments, accounting for approximately 20 000 shipments a year and over 100 carriers, and was announced at the supplier awards ceremony, during which the Shippeo teams presented the project together with the Polish Koziel Auto Transport company which participated in the initial pilot phase by equipping its fleet with smartphones. Koziel Auto Transport was thus given the opportunity to emphasis the benefits of this collaboration: a free and effective solution for monitoring its fleet of trucks, a proactive information of Saint Gobain’s customers without reduced productivity for the operating teams of Koziel Auto Transport, and a greater transparency over its quality of service, further strengthening its commercial relationship with Saint Gobain Glass Logistics.

Lucien Besse, co-founder of Shippeo, states: “From our very first exchanges with Saint Gobain and William Beguerie’s teams, we recognized their continuous desire to innovate and take action. With the deployment of the Shippeo solution, we are delighted to be able to accompany them in improving customer service, while simplifying their exchanges with their carriers”.

The Shippeo solution will be used daily by the Control Tower team of Saint Gobain Glass Logistics, responsible for the operational excellence and for monitoring all of the shipments. The operating teams can now rely on Shippeo in order to anticipate any possible delays in loading and delivery, to effectively communicate with carriers, and to proactively inform their customers of any problem that may arise during a delivery.

“The Shippeo solution must allow us to distinguish ourselves through an exemplary quality of service for our customers. Shippeo fits perfectly into this approach by implementing an innovative tool for the Control Tower teams. The primary objective in 2017 will be to make sure all of our carriers use Shippeo to manage our shipments” adds William Beguerie, Managing Director of Saint Gobain Glass Logistics.