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Shippeo adds Ocean and Parcel tracking to their multimodal supply chain visibility platform


The European supply chain visibility leader now provides end-to-end visibility capabilities to global enterprises, helping them become more agile and responsive while at the same time lowering costs

Paris, March 26, 2019: Shippeo, the supply chain visibility leader in Europe, has recently announced both Ocean and Parcel tracking capabilities, allowing global enterprises to gain end-to-end visibility into their supply chains.

For the last couple of years Shippeo has strongly established itself in Europe, providing large retailers and manufacturers, such as Faurecia, Kingfisher Group, Leroy Merlin, and Saint-Gobain, with real-time tracking of their LTL and FTL road deliveries. "However, our long-term vision has always been to provide companies with end-to-end visibility of their supply chains, allowing them to quickly identify problems and put in place cost-efficient actions to mitigate the impact of these problems," says Lucien Besse, COO & co-founder of Shippeo.

With Shippeo Ocean tracking, companies will be able to track merchandise coming from overseas, which is not unlikely for large, global enterprises. Using both terrestrial and satellite AIS tracking, Shippeo provides the real-time location of all merchandise travelling through waterways, coastlines, or across oceans. At the same time, Shippeo is working on being the first solution in Europe to integrate ports and terminal monitoring. This way, companies can plan ahead and have their road transportation operations perfectly planned so they arrive shortly after the merchandise is ready to leave the port.

With Shippeo Parcel tracking, companies are able to gain visibility into their last-mile deliveries, allowing them to proactively communicate with their end-customers and therefore increase customer satisfaction. Shippeo provides users with multiple automated alerts, such as indicating when a parcel is picked up, its real-time status,  and when it has been delivered.

"Having end-to-end supply chain visibility is a top priority for all large enterprises," mentions Lucien Besse. "By incorporating ocean and parcel tracking into Shippeo's multimodal supply chain visibility platform, companies can now track every step of their deliveries, from suppliers up until when the merchandise reaches the end-customer."