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Nexans partners globally with shippeo to provide real-time visibility of its customer deliveries worldwide


Nexans partners globally with shippeo to provide real-time visibility of its customer deliveries worldwide

  • Nexans new digital service powered by Shippeo will use automation and artificial intelligence to provide end-to-end visibility of its delivery operations from factory to customer.
  • It provides instant information,  reliability and sources of efficiency to Nexans customers with enhanced benefits from real-time delivery tracking, incident management and estimated time of arrival (ETA) predictions.
  • Service will start roll-out in Q1 2021

Paris, March 18th 2021Nexans has signed a long-term partnership agreement with Shippeo, a European leader in supply chain visibility, to implement an innovative new digital service that leverages automation and artificial intelligence to expand future capabilities of its global transport operations. The partnership will accelerate Nexans’s vision for enhanced customer satisfaction and business evolution by creating an agile, data-driven supply chain supported by state-of-the-art technology. Digitalization will enable Nexans to deliver value-added services for customers such as real-time tracking, accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) predictions and incident management of shipments.

The collaboration with Shippeo will help advance Nexans’s strategic transition to an even more customer-centric organization. The tracking and ETA prediction service from Shippeo will provide Nexans customers with real-time insights on transportation operations for increased transparency and traceability. It will also enable Nexans to identify improvements across its value chain to increase the resilience of delivery ecosystems for customers. A particular focus of the solution is on increasing collaboration to streamline operations, reducing the need for holding unnecessary inventories and eliminating bottlenecks, such as delays in unloading when deliveries arrive at a customer site.

“This is a great opportunity for Shippeo to work with a key player enabling the world’s shift to renewable energy”.  What’s particularly significant for us is the high degree of interest and sponsorship for the project from Nexans top tier leadership, citing our visibility capabilities as being truly integral to the company’s overall strategy. This really goes to show that visibility is not just relevant to transportation functions, but also acknowledges the role it plays in enhancing sales, marketing and customer service functions,” said Lucien Besse, COO and co-founder of Shippeo. “Nexans’s holistic strategic approach is very beneficial, facilitating both collaboration and innovation to maximize the benefits of end-to-end traceability across the supply chain.”
“The digitalization of our supply chain is an integral element of Nexans’s ambition to electrify the future. We started the journey towards enhanced traceability some time ago with initiatives such as our connected solutions. But now with Shippeo joining our expanding group of key strategic partners, we are taking the visibility of our transportation operations to the next level”, says Christopher Guérin, CEO of Nexans. “A high level of transparency and traceability is regarded as the norm when ordering consumer goods online. Partnering with Shippeo allows us to offer the same kind of experience and confidence for our deliveries.”

The transportation solution will start rolling out across Nexans’s operations from the first quarter of 2021.

About Nexans
Nexans is a global player in energy transition. Our purpose: electrify the future. For over a century, Nexans has played a crucial role in the electrification of the planet. With around 25,000 people in 38 countries, the Group is leading the charge to the new world of electrification: safer, sustainable, renewable, decarbonized and accessible to everyone. In 2020, Nexans generated 5.7 billion euros in standard sales.
The Group designs solutions and services along the entire value chain in three main business areas: Building & Territories (including utilities and emobility), High Voltage & Projects (covering offshore wind farms, subsea interconnections, land high voltage), and Industry & Solutions (including renewables, transportation, oil and gas, automation, and others).
Corporate Social Responsibility is a guiding principle of Nexans’ business activities and internal practices. As a signatory of the Global Compact since 2008, Nexans is committed to contribute to a responsible global economy and strives to promote the ten principles defined by the UN to all its stakeholders. The Group pledged to contribute to carbon neutrality by 2030 and was the first cable provider to create a Foundation supporting sustainable initiatives bringing access to energy to disadvantaged communities worldwide. Nexans’ commitment to developing ethical, sustainable and high-quality cables also drives its active involvement within leading industry associations, including Europacable, the NEMA, ICF and CIGRE.

Nexans is listed on Euronext Paris, compartment A.