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Schneider Electric uses Shippeo to exceed customer expectations by digitizing its customer-focused supply chain


Shippeo provides the global specialist in energy management with real-time tracking and accurate ETAs of all their outbound deliveries, enabling them to proactively communicate with customers about potential delays or problems

Paris, July 9, 2019 - Shippeo, the leading supply chain visibility platform in Europe, provides Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management and automation, with instant visibility of the real-time location, status, and ETA of their outbound deliveries. Having this visibility allows Schneider Electric to continue creating customer-focused processes, in order to improve customer experience and end-to-end operational efficiency. 

Privileged Distribution partners are one of Schneider Electric's most important customers, generating over 40% of the company's total sales, and making their products accessible through stores in 190 countries all over the world. Schneider Electric will initially use Shippeo to track all of the outbound deliveries going from their warehouses to their Distribution partners. This way, Schneider Electric’s Customer Care Center can quickly identify delivery problems and proactively communicate with their customers before these are impacted. In addition, measuring and monitoring transportation performance will now be done in an objective and accurate manner. 

In addition, Schneider Electric has created several Digital Control Towers, the main one based out of Singapore, allowing them to have a holistic view of their global transportation operations. The real-time and predictive information provided by Shippeo will allow the Digital Control Tower team to have an overview on the status of all their outbound deliveries, and help them efficiently identify and manage exceptions. 

"Customer satisfaction and quality are an integral part of the company's growth strategy," states Reynald Lefebvre, Europe Transportation Director at Schneider Electric. "Everywhere in the company, we put the customer first in our decisions. By having real-time and predictive visibility we'll be able to provide our customers with prompt answers and automated notifications of their incoming deliveries, which increases trust and enables them to focus on smoothly running their businesses."

"We are extremely excited to work with Schneider Electric, and help bring more innovation and digitization to their supply chain operations," states Lucien Besse, COO and cofounder at Shippeo. "We look forward to closely working with them as they attain their ambitious goals of transparency and paramount customer service."