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Milšped Group relies on the Shippeo platform to meet the growing real-time transportation visibility needs of its customers


By choosing the Shippeo platform for real-time tracking of its transport and distribution operations, Milšped can now facilitate visibility data exchanges with its subcontracting partners and offer a differentiated quality of service to its customers.

Paris, 27 May 2020 : Milšped, a leading international transport and logistics group, has chosen Shippeo, the European leader in supply chain visibility, to track in real-time all of its FTL and LTL operations operated by both its own fleet and its subcontracting partners. The large expertise of Shippeo in managing complex LTL operations in Europe has been a key decision criterion for Milšped to adopt the visibility platform.

Milšped Group provides numerous integrated services, including customs clearance and brokerage, organization of international and domestic transportation and distribution, as well as warehousing solutions. The Serbian group has a strong presence throughout the Balkans as well as in Germany, Russia, China and the USA.

Deputy Director for international transport Marko Cavoski is thrilled to be working with Shippeo. It is part of their strategy to invest in innovative solutions to lead in customer satisfaction.

“As a 3PL, we work with more than 580 subcontractors on well over 200,000 orders per month”, mentions Cavoski. “Before Shippeo, we had multiple visibility platforms for different parts of the network, which was harder to coordinate. Now, we can benefit from Shippeo’s vast network of carrier integrations and use a single easy to use platform, giving us full predictive visibility of our entire network all on one platform and in real-time.”

Milšped is confident that the move will result in an even higher level of service quality for customers, keeping them ahead of the competition by anticipating their track and trace needs. “Having seamless data exchange with our partners will save time and money and allow teams to focus on adding more value within their daily operations” adds Cavoski, “So we can also better manage their performance.”

Milšped is also benefiting from Shippeo’s Onboarding Automation Center, the new easy automated onboarding system for carriers. This innovative new feature allows shippers and 3PLs to onboard their carriers and multiple subcontractors effortlessly. The platform guides carriers through ‘self-onboarding’, providing them dedicated assistance when needed with Shippeo’s Carrier Operations team. With representatives speaking 20 different languages, Shippeo handles all of the technical integrations throughout the entire carrier onboarding process.

“We are very happy to welcome Milšped to the Shippeo 3PL community. In the last months, we’ve welcomed thousands of new 3PLs and carriers on our platform, making it is the fastest-growing transport visibility network in Europe,” says Lucien Besse, COO and co-founder of Shippeo. “We’re very much looking forward to working together and helping Milšped deliver exceptional service to their customers.”

About Milsped:
Milšped Group, the market leader in the field of transport and logistics, operating for more than 25 years, continues to expand its network and join various dots on the map of the world. The satisfaction of our clients is our motivation, driving force, and the only measure of success. Always striving to be better, faster, and more innovative, we have a strategic direction that is based on the strong values of corporate culture, commitment to the partnership with our clients, use of advanced technologies, and socially responsible business practices. All services rendered by members of the Milšped Group are in compliance with the highest international standards and provide a suitable response to the most complex demands of our clients with regards to integrated services at a regional level.