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IDS empowers customers and reduces CO2 footprint with Shippeo’s RTTV platform


Rotterdam/Utrecht, 9th June 2021 – Shippeo, the European market leader in real-time transportation visibility (RTTV) solutions, announces a strategic partnership with IDS, the innovative 4PL logistics control tower specialists. With active involvement from their customer DSM, a global player in nutrition, health and sustainable living, IDS have started to onboard Shippeo’s RTTV platform to further future proof their transportation management solutions for the benefit of their customers and the environment.

Focused on orchestrating road transportation in Europe and leveraging 33 years of experience, IDS creates value for its customers by connecting technology, people, data and IT and is continuously working on what’s next in the increasingly digital and sustainable transportation landscape.

With Shippeo’s RTTV solution, IDS provides a dashboard with a track & trace status and real-time link for the end customer. The highly accurate Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) is shared with all stakeholders in the supply chain.

This new level of transparency boosts operational efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction:

  • RTTV allows IDS’s customers to optimise their planning and required resources, enabling them to improve productivity at loading and delivery locations.
  • Phone calls and emails on ETA status are reduced to a minimum, making communication far more efficient and less time consuming.
  • Customers save costs and penalties thanks to improved handling and shorter dwell- and wait times, while at the same time reducing their CO2 footprint.

For the IDS Control Tower Teams accuracy and reliability are crucial; they need to leverage the right data at the right time. European driver regulations, borders and cross docks make this even more challenging.

IDS selected Shippeo because of its track record, experience and references, a joint focus on Europe and FTL and LTL road transportation, and - last but not least - because Shippeo works on the basis of a true partnership.

Dennis van Bodegom, Director Northern Europe at Shippeo, said: “We are delighted and honored to have been selected by IDS and are very much looking forward to supporting them with their visibility and sustainability challenges across a long-term journey.”
Leon de Koning, Managing Director of IDS: “We are thrilled to be working with Shippeo. Real time status information and predictive ETAs at your fingertips is what our customers want. With Shippeo’s RTTV, we will empower companies by arming them with instant access to predictive and real-time information for every delivery, both inbound and outbound. I am also very happy with the active involvement of our customer DSM, supporting us to connect more carriers. For me this is the best example of our mission: being better together. And with the ongoing digital transformation of the transportation landscape, we are already working on ‘what’s next’. IoT will allow us to take visibility to the next level and we will continue to embed visibility into our sustainability strategy. So, exciting times ahead - stay tuned!”

About IDS

IDS is the 4PL Logistics Control Tower Specialist for Europe, with a focus on road transportation. Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Utrecht, the Netherlands, IDS is committed to drive initiatives that have a positive impact on the supply chain, the environment and the people that live and work in it. By combining best-in-class technology with experienced professionals and a can-do attitude, IDS creates future proof transport management solutions for the benefit of their customers and the planet. The 4PL Logistics Control Tower Solutions combine Managed Transportation Services with a suite of best-in-class technology that can handle any complexity in any European country and act as a game changer in logistics performance. IDS customers are flexible to license any combination of the modular and scalable Cloud-based Transport Management Suite, and they can also outsource the complete logistics to a dedicated IDS Control Tower Team or go for a blend of both. In all cases IDS commits to cost savings, sustainable bottom-line improvements, smart efficiencies and innovations, and a long term trusted and fun partnership.