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With 20 new employees recruited in the last 3 months, and expecting to double the workforce by the end of 2018, Shippeo recruits its Office and Happiness Manager


Faced with hyper-growth, Shippeo welcomes Aurelia Magron as Office and Happiness Manager to promote the team's well-being

Paris, June 13, 2018 - Shippeo, the leading supply chain visibility platform in Europe, is happy to welcome Aurelia Magron as Office and Happiness Manager, where she will take care of the onboarding of new Shippeo employees to facilitate their integration.

Hyper growth = workforce doubling in 2018

Following its Series A funding of € 10 million on November 2017, Shippeo has reached hyper-growth mode. In the last 3 months, Shippeo has welcomed more than 20 employees, and is planning to double its workforce by the end of 2018.

To maintain its retention rate of more than 95%, Shippeo is committed to constantly embracing, at all levels, its core values ​​of commitment, ambition, humbleness, and teamwork. Creating a culture that is centered around these values will be at the heart of Aurélia Magron's mission.

An Office and Happiness Manager to successfully onboard new employees

Aurélia Magron, a bachelor in international business, has extensive experience creating strong customer relationships as well as community management, as part of her role at the Eden Insight group.

Her arrival will ensure the integration and smooth onboarding of all new Shippeo employees, ensuring they embrace the company's values focused on common success. This long-term accompaniment has by objective to provide each team member with common objectives to promote cross-company collaboration in favor of increasing customer satisfaction.

"The integration and support of new team members not only allows them to feel integrated and welcome in the company, but also gives them clear objectives and direction to successfully carry out their projects," says Aurélia Magron, Office and Happiness Manager at Shippeo. "With a fast-growing team like ours, this becomes even more important. I am delighted to welcome and accompany each new Shippeo employee."