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Eckes-Granini boosts customer experience and reduces its carbon footprint with Shippeo’s real-time visibility platform


Leading fruit juice provider innovates for long term success

Paris/Düsseldorf, 2nd April 2020: Eckes-Granini has selected Shippeo, the leading supply chain visibility solution in Europe, to enhance its operational efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and initiate a virtuous circle for the benefit of retailers and carriers.

In September 2019, Shippeo, Eckes-Granini, and Kaufland won the ECR award for a cross supply chain collaborative project aiming at sharing transport space to avoid empty runs and idle times in logistics. With a combination of big data and machine-learning, Shippeo managed to calculate the optimal delivery chain between Eckes-Granini’s warehouses and Kaufland’ sites. Consequently, Eckes-Granini successfully reduced its CO2 emissions by 25 tons per year and lowered its transportation needs by 40%.

Convinced by the success of this ECR award-winning supply chain collaborative and emissions-cutting project, Eckes-Granini has now decided to select Shippeo to deploy its supply chain visibility solution in Germany. Over the next three years, the Shippeo platform will enable 100% transparency for the 35,000 deliveries to the 650 customer sites of the leading European fruit-beverage producer.

Thanks to Shippeo’s ability to provide predictive and real-time visibility into goods delivery, Eckes-Granini will achieve three objectives:

  • Leverage efficiencies at Eckes-Granini’ sites by reducing loading time and streamlining operations
  • Increase retailers’ satisfaction by reducing waiting times at unloading sites thanks to proactively pushed ETA notifications, and by making goods more readily available to customers
  • Increase carriers’ efficiencies by reducing their downtimes and number of empty runs

With this partnership, Shippeo intends to demonstrate that beyond providing accurate ETA, a supply chain visibility platform can identify every pain points and inefficiencies along the whole logistic chain. And once removed, a well-managed supply chain will contribute to lower transport costs, increase end-customer satisfaction, and carry on more sustainable operations.

“After initially working with Shippeo on the ECR award, we’re now thrilled to be embarking on this long-term partnership. The Shippeo partnership is strategic for us, as it will not only improve our customer experience but also will help us to reach our ambitious environmental and economic targets. Moreover, we also strongly believe that the Shippeo partnership will also have a positive impact on the whole supply chain, especially with carriers and retailers.” says Stefan Riedel, Head of Logistics at Eckes-Granini.
“Real-time visibility has proven to be a key advantage in the modern world of logistics and is increasingly a necessity. We are very much looking forward to continuing to work with Eckes-Granini and to becoming a part of their global success by enhancing their supply chain’s capabilities.” says Thomas Spieker, Director Central Europe at Shippeo.