Keep shelves full and optimize in-store operations

Quickly anticipate problems and proactively communicate with point-of-sale teams to streamline on-site operations, ensure on shelf availability of goods, and drive sales.

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Ensure on-shelf availability of goods

Quickly identify delivery delays that will impact inventory, and reorganize shelves to keep them full.

Streamline in-store operations

Knowing exactly when deliveries will arrive helps in-store staff better plan their daily operations, without being interrupted in the middle of another task.

Free up inventory cash

Having a better control of ETAs and lead times allows you to decrease inventory buffers, freeing up cash flow.

Objectively measure delivery performance

Delivery and waiting times are precisely recorded by geofencing and GPS location, letting you accurately measure delivery performance and keep a pulse on your carrier network.

Data-driven retail supply chains: Why real-time transportation visibility is a cornerstone technology

Discover the key challenges facing the retail industry and how real-time transportation visibility platforms are boosting collaboration amongst chain partners, turning obstacles into opportunities.

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