Run a more agile and responsive just-in-time production line

Quickly anticipating at-risk deliveries and compromised inventory helps you cost-efficiently plan emergency deliveries to prevent production line halts.

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Prevent production line halts

Identifying at-risk inventory well in advance helps you plan cost-efficient emergency deliveries to prevent production line halts.

Streamline communications

Simplify the exchange of information with your production line plants by giving them complete visibility of the real-time status and predicted ETA of incoming deliveries.

Run agile and responsive operations

Knowing the exact time of arrival of deliveries lets you efficiently manage exceptions, helping you dynamically allocate resources to mitigate any problems.

Keep a pulse on all of your deliveries

Benefit from a real-time control tower that allows you to quickly anticipate any at-risk deliveries.

Choosing the right transportation visibility provider

This guide features the 14 most important questions that all shippers and 3PL/4PLs should ask when choosing a transportation visibility provider.

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“Our customers, including BMW, Porsche and Mercedes, demand extremely reliable and consistent deliveries of our seat parts to sustain their JIT manufacturing processes. Shippeo not only allows us to better measure any transportation inefficiencies across our 74 production sites, it has also helped us optimize our costs. By tracking dwell times and anticipating delays, we can better avoid penalties and line stops. The platform’s also proven to be a useful resource optimizer, enabling refined tracking of any transportation inefficiencies, and providing the data needed to create optimal milk-runs, for example."

Dominik Sczepanski

BG FAS Transport Director

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