Wondering how american providers stack up against Shippeo?

Don’t put your sensitive data at risk. Opt for best-practice data management, security and an ETA with market-leading accuracy.

Why should you choose SHIPPEO
over an American provider?

Shippeo’s platform has been specifically designed for the European transportation market and is the most suited to its unique needs and complexities. These include LTL flows, cross-dock management, driver changes and highly localized regulation.

Shippeo also offers continuous support in 25 languages across 8 European offices throughout project deployment.

Here are 6 reasons to choose Shippeo
for your real-time transportation visibility (RTTV)
project in Europe

1. A market-leading ETA

We’re the first RTTV platform to offer an SLA on ETA accuracy, with 10 times greater accuracy than our closest competitor.

4. More rigorous onboarding methodology

Unlike some of our competitors, we charge implementation fees because high quality onboardings are a critical factor in helping you reach project ROI faster.

2. Better tracking quality & privacy

We put a unique focus on quality by reporting on carrier tracking compliance and monitoring all IT integrations in real-time. Plus, we comply fully with GDPR and store and process all European data within the EU.

5. Full and continuous onboarding support

Because onboarding carriers is not as simple as ‘pushing a button’, we offer continuous support, in addition to our SLA, to ensure you reach your milestones on time.

3. Deeper, more advanced integrations

Unlike most American providers, 50% of our carrier integrations are with a transport management system (TMS). These are more advanced than telematics system integrations as the need for manual shipment pairings is removed, boosting tracking quality.

6. A truly European team

We work with customers in 25 languages to ensure your project’s success.


Shippeo has more features and capabilities
to better suit your organization’s unique requirements.

Integration API
Standard telematics integrations
Advanced carrier TMS integrations
Advanced machine learning ETA for Europe
Order management
Global tracking map
Filters and bookmarks
Email notifications
White-labelled SMS notifications
Tracking performance dashboard
Tracking compliance dashboard
Public tracking link
Customer portal
SSCC scanning
Tracking of quantities at unit level

You don’t have to take our word for it

“Our customers, including BMW, Porsche and Mercedes, demand extremely reliable and consistent deliveries of our seat parts to sustain their JIT manufacturing processes. Shippeo not only allows us to better measure any transportation inefficiencies across our 74 production sites, it has also helped us optimize our costs. By tracking dwell times and anticipating delays, we can better avoid penalties and line stops. The platform’s also proven to be a useful resource optimizer, enabling refined tracking of any transportation inefficiencies, and providing the data needed to create optimal milk-runs, for example.”

Dominik Sczepanski

BG FAS Transport Director, Faurecia

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