Instant access to predictive and real-time delivery information

Shippeo's powerful Supply Chain visibility platform gives you instant access to predictive and real-time information for all your deliveries. Quickly and accurately anticipating problems helps you efficiently manage exceptions to mitigate their impact.


Collect real-time information from
all data sources

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Quickly and
accurately identify exceptions

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Proactively share information with your customers

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Reliably measure and improve your transportation operations


Shippeo connects to all data sources to aggregate real-time information and instantly surface it in the platform of your choice. Our dedicated in-house teams will help you and your carriers smoothly onboard onto Shippeo, ensuring your project's success.

Shipper connectivity: connect to your TMS, ERP, or WMS to directly surface real-time and predictive information through them and create transport orders in the way that best suits you.

Carrier connectivity: connect to the largest network of LTL, FTL, ocean, and parcel carriers in Europe, and easily collect real-time information from their TMS, Telematics, AIS, Port Terminals, or Parcel API thanks to the Shippeo API.

Quickly anticipate
and manage

Shippeo's machine-learning, proprietary ETA algorithm allows you to quickly and accurately anticipate problems, helping you efficiently manage exceptions to mitigate their impact.

Proprietary ETA algorithm: accurately predict arrival times and rapidly anticipate delayed deliveries thanks to Shippeo's machine learning based ETA algorithm.

Control Tower Map: quickly identify at-risk deliveries, their ETA and real-time location, using Shippeo's color-coded Control Tower Map

Orders page: get an at-a-glance view of the real-time status, location, and predictive ETA of all orders.

Filters and custom bookmarks: create your personalized Control Tower by using the numerous filters available on Shippeo to quickly surface the orders you need to focus on.


Shippeo helps you improve customer satisfaction and optimize on-site operations by letting your customers know well in advance the real-time status and predictive ETA of their deliveries.

Customer Visibility portal: give your customers instant visibility of their incoming deliveries by using Shippeo's white-labeled Customer Visibility portal.

Shareable single-order link: easily share the predictive and real-time status with any stakeholder, even when they don't have access to Shippeo

Automated notifications: be alerted well in advance, via SMS, email, or through the web portal, about any foreseeable problems affecting your deliveries

Photos of the cargo or CMR: accelerate root-cause analysis by having drivers upload photos of the cargo or Proof of Delivery


Shippeo gives you clear insights into your transportation operations, helping you make better, data-driven decisions. We aggregate precise delivery information so you can reliably measure delivery performance, do unequivocal root-cause analysis, and uncover areas of improvement.

GPS and Geofencing: reliably measure performance with delivery times precisely recorded by GPS and geofencing.

Advanced analytics: quickly analyze your transportation operations and uncover areas of improvement with Shippeo Insights' reports and dashboard

Order export: do an objective deep-dive into your transportation operations by exporting information about all your deliveries

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