our culture

At Shippeo, we believe that a strong culture is the foundation of our success. Our company values guide every aspect of our business, from how we interact with each other to how we serve our customers.
We are proud to create an environment where people are recognized for their unique skills but more importantly for how they contribute to our culture and align with our company values. 

This culture book is a celebration of our culture and the people who bring it to life every day! You will learn about the ACDC framework that guides our actions and decision-making and how we work together to achieve our goals.

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Our company values


What does it mean?

Ambition is the driving force that propels us to strive for excellence, push ourselves to new heights, and reach our goals. It is the belief that we can always improve in everything we do by pushing ourselves to be better and never settling for mediocrity.

Ambition is not just about our success but also about using that success to impact the supply chain industry positively. We are ambitious about making a real difference in our customers' businesses and building a mission-critical solution that will forever change how they operate their supply chain.

We’re here to build a generational company that will have a transformative impact on the supply chain industry, making it more automated, sustainable and customer-centric. We firmly believe that by following this vision, we can achieve a minimum revenue of €1 billion.

How we do it

We’re committed to hiring only A-players who possess not only the skills and experience required for the job but also the drive and ambition to make a positive impact on our organization. We look for candidates who align with our company values, demonstrate a strong work ethic, and have an eagerness to learn and grow.

We use the OKR goal-setting framework to set ambitious goals for Shippeo, help us align our team with our overall strategy, and constantly push us out of our comfort zone. OKRs help us focus on the most critical priorities and hold ourselves accountable.

We ensure that we are on track to meet our goals and maintain high standards by conducting Quarterly Business Reviews with each department. This allows us to take a comprehensive look at our performance and progress, identify areas for improvement, and make necessary adjustments to ensure that we stay focused on our company mission.

At Shippeo we recognize that taking risks is a necessary components of achieving ambitious goals, and that failing is sometimes necessary to learn and improve ourselves. We always encourage Shippians to openly discuss their mistakes, share their failures and learn from them. When it comes to our Product, we are always pushing ourselves to think beyond what is currently possible and to constantly innovate. We are committed to creating truly exceptional products that will make a real impact in the supply chain industry.

How we do it

We provide various channels for customer interactions, such as steering committees, annual customer days, and on-site visits from our Product team, which allow us to stay connected to our customers and better understand their needs.

Our weekly backlog grooming process is a safe place where the Operations teams push suggestions every week to the Product and Tech teams to ensure that our users' voices are heard.

We encourage all Shippians to spend time regularly working with our Support team to answer customer tickets. It gives us a deeper understanding of our customers' needs and concerns.

We run Satisfaction & Engagement surveys to better understand how Shippians feel about various aspects of the company, such as management, recognition, salary, growth opportunities, retention, well-being, or workload. We identify areas where we need to improve and take action to address any issues. For example, if Shippians are not satisfied with their growth opportunities, we may take steps to provide more training or development programs.

We understand that a healthy work-life balance is essential for our Shippians' well-being and productivity. We provide flexible working arrangements, such as remote work, allowing Shippians to balance their work and personal lives effectively.

We provide managers with a dedicated budget for team-building. This budget allows them to organize activities, such as off-site retreats, team lunches, and other social events that help to foster connection among Shippians.

We have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program led by volunteer Shippians that engages employees in reducing our carbon emissions. We set targets for carbon emissions reduction and regularly measure and report on our progress.


What does it mean?

We care to create a culture of empathy and respect while building a business with strong relationships and trust. Our customers are the backbone of our business, and we work hard to understand their needs and provide them with solutions that truly meet those needs.

We recognize that our employees are our most valuable asset, and we invest in their development and well-being to ensure they are engaged and satisfied. Moreover, we value diversity in terms of background, education, experience, culture, and gender as we believe that a diverse team is key to our success.

Additionally, we take our responsibility to our investors very seriously and are dedicated to using their money responsibly.

Finally, we ensure that we are taking responsible measures as a company to minimize our environmental footprint and reduce carbon emissions.


What does it mean?

Deliver refers to our commitment to fulfilling promises and always exceeding expectations. This includes delivering on the roadmaps that we publish, providing value and completing projects as promised to our customers, and keeping promises made to our employees.

It also encompasses a culture of taking responsibility for actions and a mindset of getting things done. Shippians are encouraged to take ownership of their work and are held accountable for delivering results.

Delivering relies on fast decision-making based on potential partial information, and assuming a potential risk or error. We consider it is better to move forward and make errors than keep the things stalled.

How we do it

We value a culture of action and accountability. We place a high emphasis on having a high "say-do" ratio. We encourage our employees to take ownership of their responsibilities and not just talk about what they will do but to take action and deliver results.
We believe that more resources does not always translate to more results. We favor a lean and nimble approach to allocate our resources in the most effective way possible.

We regularly report on our company's OKRs during all-hands meetings. It promotes transparency and accountability, as all employees are aware of the progress being made toward achieving the OKRs.

Founders write a quarterly letter to all Shippians to report transparently on the company's successes, failures, opportunities, and areas of improvement. Everyone is kept informed of the company's performance and any challenges it may face.

We regularly report progress to our customers during business reviews and are transparent about any problems. We identify and address any issues early on, as customers provide feedback on areas where they see opportunities for improvement.

When Shippians spot a problem, they don't simply complain or pass it along to others to fix, but instead, they focus on solving it, even if it is not within their direct job responsibilities. We promote a proactive attitude and a culture of problem-solving, where Shippians are encouraged to take initiative and find solutions.

How we do it

For every important new project in the company, from designing a new product or service to improving a business process, we create cross-functional teams composed of Shippians from different departments. These task forces help us leverage the strengths of each team member to achieve our goal.

We have many cross-team rituals to break down silos and improve coordination between different teams. As an example, we conduct regular Program Increment Planning sessions with Tech, Product, and Business teams to align to a shared product vision, discuss new features, plan the roadmap, and identify cross-team dependencies.
When a new Shippian starts at Shippeo, we assign them with a « buddy » to provide the new hire with guidance and support as they learn about Shippeo's culture and processes. It facilitates the transition of the new hire into the company and helps them to feel more connected to Shippeo.

We actively give credit when successful but also own up to our failures. Successes are shared on our internal communication tools, and we always mention the Shippians who made it possible.  We use retrospectives to better understand and learn what works and as importantly what does not.

We’re quick to help each other out. Shippians are always willing to assist one another in overcoming challenges, big or small, and in completing tasks that need to be done.


What does it mean?

We collaborate and work as one team towards a common goal. We believe that individual success and performance are important, but never at the expense of the team. Shippeo values the diversity of perspectives and encourages meaningful disagreements to achieve successful outcomes.

Ambition is not just about our success but also about using that success to impact the supply chain industry positively. We are ambitious about making a real difference in our customers' businesses and building a mission-critical solution that will forever change how they operate their supply chain.

Transparency is crucial for fostering a culture of trust and collaboration and we always encourage every contributor to be open and honest about what is going well and what is not.

Our Company rituals

Our all-hands meeting takes place twice a month and gathers all Shippians to share the latest company and teams updates. This is a hybrid meeting hosted in our different offices and broadcasted in Zoom for people working remotely.
We organize Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) with all teams' leaders to review the past quarter and identify pain points to solve.
Shippians from all over the world gather once a year for the Shippeo teambuilding and spend 2 days together to meet new Shippians and strengthen bonds.
All newcomers - regardless of the country in which they work - are invited to visit Shippeo HQ and meet the French team when they start.
We run Satisfaction & Engagement surveys  twice a year to identify areas where we need to improve and take action to address any issues that may arise.
All Product and Tech teams come together for two days every quarter for Program Increment Planning workshops in our Paris offices to plan product & engineering deliverables for the coming two quarters. Results are shared with the company to ensure alignment amongst all Shippians on the product roadmap.

CSR Policy

Shippeo's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy is firmly grounded in the fundamental principles of the three ESG pillars: Environmental Sustainability, Social Responsibility, and Ethical Business Practices. Our commitment extends to supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In pursuit of these objectives, we have established an Internal CSR Committee comprised of dedicated Shippians and supported by the guidance of executive sponsors.

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