Why TMS partnerships are so important for delivering better value for our customers

Oct 2, 2020
Supply Chain

When it comes to building out a multimodal visibility network for your supply chain transport operations, one of the key strategies for ensuring high quality data is to integrate directly with shipper transport management systems (TMS). It allows more contextual information to be extracted relating to each shipment, improving accuracy and reliability of ETAs and other useful insights provided by the visibility platform.

Since TMSes play such an important role in shaping the performance and usefulness of RTTV solutions, being able to integrate quickly and easily with a huge range of TMSes is an important focus for Shippeo.

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5 Reasons why you need Supply Chain Visibility

Shippeo currently integrates with over 200 TMSes, many used widely throughout Europe. We’ve invested in creating our own APIs allowing quick and flexible integrations, so data can exchange freely in both directions, in real-time. In addition, Shippeo’s integrations team have the expertise required to integrate any TMS quickly, easily and most importantly at scale. This is a vital requirement for onboarding large carrier fleets, in multiple regions or continents.

The ability to connect to TMS rapidly has allowed us to quickly build out a network, which includes over 140,000 carriers linked to our 70+ customers. Once a TMS connection is created, it makes onboarding new customers who use the same systems lightning quick, allowing shippers to start benefiting from predictive data sooner.

Another important part of our TMS strategy are strategic partnerships. Shippeo joined forces with Alpega Group, a leading global logistics software company that offers end-to-end solutions covering all transportation needs, including transport management services and freight exchanges. Their cloud-based software solution connects manufacturers to a broad network of logistics providers, in order to digitize complex supply chain processes.

The partnership allowed us to combine Alpega’s transport management offerings with our real-time visibility capabilities, creating an all-in-one solution for shippers that is the only fully integrated solution of its kind on the market. Shippeo’s platform complements Alpega TMS by gathering real-time information on multimodal transportation flows in over 60 countries with a strong focus on road and maritime. Fluid data transfers between all stakeholders in the chain allow easy access and a single source of truth for collected real-time data.

From transport planning, to execution and real-time visibility, the partnership offers a unique approach to streamlining processes. Plus, real-time KPIs promote excellence in execution and improve analysis of operations by Exception Management. It also offers Alpega TMS users best-in-market estimated time of arrival (ETA) accuracy and reliability thanks to our sophisticated algorithm developed in-house, which is fully integrated.

More recently, Shippeo has formed a similar partnership with SAP. Shippeo offers a standard integration of its service offerings with the SAP Logistics Business Network, an open logistics network to help organizations improve freight logistics collaboration, goods tracking, and material traceability. This helps to decrease integration times for customers if they’re already benefiting from the SAP ecosystem.

These partnerships are only the beginning and there are many more benefits and innovations to come as TMS providers and Shippeo collaborate to find new ways to leverage powerful real-time data and insight aggregated using our platform. It’s another important step on our mission to provide customers with easier ways to bring new digital capabilities to their supply chains, paving the way for increasingly streamlined and automated logistics operations.

Find out more about the importance of TMS integrations in our visibility guide "Choosing the right transportation visibility provider" or get in touch with one of our experts for a chat.