Leading the Way in Real-Time Visibility: A Q&A with Shippeo's Co-Founders, Pierre Khoury & Lucien Besse

Apr 18, 2024
Supply Chain

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Shippeo has reached yet another milestone in its journey toward building the leading data platform for the freight industry having been recognized as a Leader in the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms. This recognition is further bolstered by its placement as a Customers' Choice in the October 2023 Gartner® Peer Insights™ report.

To deeper into what these recognitions mean for Shippeo, its customers, and partners, we sat down with Shippeo's Co-Founders, Pierre Khoury and Lucien Besse.

Q: Congratulations on being named a Leader in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant. What does this recognition mean for Shippeo?

Pierre: Thank you! It's indeed a fantastic recognition and demonstrates  almost ten years of hard work, collaboration with our customers, and dedication to building and refining our solution. We owe this recognition to our incredible team, customers and partners who have been instrumental in shaping Shippeo into what it is today.

Lucien: Absolutely. This recognition is a huge win for us on two fronts. First, it shows the value our solution brings to the table. Our customers are telling us they appreciate the deep knowledge and technological innovations we offer. But it's not just about us – this leadership status is a team effort. We have a fantastic ecosystem of partners who collaborate with us, and that makes all the difference.

Q: Shippeo was named a Customers’ Choice in the October 2023 Gartner® Peer Insights™ “Voice of the Customer”: Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms report, scoring the highest customer recommendation willingness rate among all providers. What significance does this recognition hold for both of you, and how does it influence customer trust and loyalty?

Pierre: You know, being named a Customers' Choice by peers fills us with immense pride. It proves that our focus on customer satisfaction is really paying off. We put a ton of effort into quality, innovation, and making sure everything we do is built around what our customers need. We believe this acknowledgement strengthens the trust our customers have in Shippeo, and that fosters long-term loyalty, which is what it's all about – delivering exceptional value for the people who rely on us.

Lucien: Our focus on the quality of our product and data has been crucial as they have evolved over time. We're proud to say that Shippeo's solution is continually advancing  towards an exciting vision of “transportation process automation.” We're going beyond mere visibility and making our solutions actionable, deepening the value we provide to our customers.

Q: Lucien, you mentioned an exciting vision of transportation process automation. Can you elaborate on that and what it means for the future of Shippeo?

Lucien: Traditionally, real-time visibility platforms have been about tracking where your stuff is and when it'll get there. That's still important, but for us, the future is about turning that data into something actionable – with the power of automation and AI.

For ten years now, Shippeo has been leading the way with the most accurately predicted arrival times in the market, all thanks to AI. We also use this machine learning to keep our data quality super high. And we’re also experimenting with cutting-edge Generative AI tech, which can create a lot of efficiencies for both our internal teams and customers around support processes, for example.

But what’s even more exciting for us is how to leverage this to make supply chains more efficient, by speeding up supply chain processes related to transportation with automation, and advanced system recommendations for faster, more confident data-driven decision making.

With automation and Generative AI, we're tackling the huge problem of data silos in this industry. Picture this: Shippeo uses AI to not just track your goods, but predict problems before they happen and even suggest ways to fix them – all in real-time. You can imagine the added value this can bring. Businesses could make smarter choices, optimize their supply chains, and be way more resilient. It's pretty innovative stuff, and we're excited to see where it takes us.

Pierre: We're already working on that future – a seamless Shippeo integrated with other logistics tools, creating a smarter, more automated transportation system.  And this isn't some far-off dream – we're making real progress, having already shown off these capabilities with customers such as Renault Group.  Deeper integrations mean not only more efficient operations and data-driven decisions for businesses, but also a more sustainable logistics industry overall.

Q: Speaking of sustainability, there is a growing trend towards extended visibility, including carbon visibility. How is Shippeo addressing this trend?

Lucien: Here at Shippeo, we're all about delivering solutions that make a real difference.  Sustainability is a growing concern for our customers, and we're committed to helping them achieve their goals.  Our Carbon Visibility solution isn't just another offering - it's a practical tool that empowers businesses to track their environmental impact.

Pierre: Absolutely, Lucien. Think of it as a central hub for shippers and logistics providers.  Carbon Visibility provides them with a comprehensive view of their scope 3 CO2 emissions – upstream, downstream, the entire picture. It's a powerful tool that's truly transforming how companies track progress towards their sustainability goals.  And the results are already speaking for themselves – we're seeing some fantastic achievements from our customers.

Q: Shifting gears a bit, let's discuss North America. Shippeo has achieved impressive growth in that region.  Could you elaborate on the specific strategies that contributed to this success?

Lucien: Entering the North American market was a big move for Shippeo. Sure, we had a strong track record in data quality, delivery excellence, and customer relationships, but we also knew North America has its own unique needs when it comes to real-time transportation visibility (RTTV).  That's why we focused on innovation to deliver real-world benefits for our customers.

What truly sets us apart is our approach. Unlike our peers, we guarantee industry-leading tracking rates, consistently exceeding 90% of shipments. This ensures our customers not only see a return on their project sooner, but also enables the most accurate and timely data possible, paving the way for guaranteed, accurate ETAs.  In essence, Shippeo empowers businesses to go beyond just seeing their supply chains – they gain actionable insights that optimize their operations. It's not just visibility, it's intelligent visibility that drives results.

Pierre: Absolutely, entering North America meant we had to adapt our strategy.  Deploying visibility products in a whole new market came with its own set of challenges.  But the good news is, our focus on high-quality data, excellent delivery, and building strong relationships with customers and carriers really resonated with North American businesses. They appreciate that.

We're also lucky to have a solid and experienced team in North America. They understand the ins and outs of the market and have been key to building those strong partnerships and exceeding customer expectations. It's a combination of our fresh approach and this dedicated team that's really positioned Shippeo for success here.

Looking ahead, North America is a huge opportunity for us.  We see a lot of potential in deploying these visibility products and working with strategic partners like e2open to achieve sustainable growth. It's all about building on what's working and taking Shippeo to the next level in this market.

Q. Let's talk more about the collaboration with e2open. Can you elaborate on how this partnership and others contribute to Shippeo's success?

Pierre: Partnerships are hugely important for Shippeo, especially the one with e2open. Working with industry leaders like them lets us do a couple of cool things. First, we can combine our strengths to offer customers an unbeatable combo – top-notch visibility from Shippeo and powerful logistics orchestration from e2open. It's like a seamless tag team that delivers a truly comprehensive solution for our customers.

Second, partnerships let us tap into each other's expertise and resources.  e2open brings their A-game in logistics orchestration, while Shippeo offers the best real-time visibility around. It's a win-win that strengthens what we both offer and helps us reach a wider audience.

Lucien: Exactly! Our collaboration with e2open is a perfect example of this partnership magic. By working together, we were able to really expand Shippeo's reach in North America, which drove some serious growth for us. We used a mix of direct sales and working with partners like e2open to create a smooth integration between our visibility data and their local orchestration solutions. 

As I mentioned before, this powerful combination is a great example of our vision for the future – automating transportation processes.  We want visibility data to translate into real-world improvements for our customers, and this partnership with e2open is helping us achieve that goal.

Q: Beyond North America, Shippeo's presence in the APAC region has grown significantly. What are some of the key trends you've observed in this market, and how is Shippeo addressing them?

Lucien: The APAC market is a whole different ball game.  The transportation landscape is super complex – lots of different countries, each with carriers at various stages of development. Interestingly, a lot of Asian countries are way ahead of the curve when it comes to mobile technology. People there are all about their phones, which is actually a great opportunity for us.

We tailor our solutions to each specific market to address this unique situation. For example, in countries where telematics (think tracking and data collection from vehicles) isn't as common yet, our mobile app has been a huge hit. It fits perfectly with the mobile-first preference in many APAC countries, allowing users to easily track shipments and stay informed on the go.

Pierre: Another big trend in APAC is the growing demand for global container tracking. With international trade booming, businesses need solutions that give them insights into their export shipments. We've been successful here too by providing a complete view of those important exports, keeping pace with the evolving needs of our customers in the region.

Q: Can you elaborate on the functionalities that differentiate Shippeo from its competitors?

Pierre: Absolutely. We have two key advantages that set Shippeo apart. First, our carrier network and data quality are top-notch. We've built a huge carrier network that covers all kinds of transportation across different regions. This means our customers get the most accurate and reliable info possible, so they can make confident decisions.

Second, we're more than just a data provider – we're a trusted partner. Data privacy is a huge priority for us, so your information is always secure and you always own it. We also focus on building strong relationships with carriers, which creates even more value for our customers.

Lucien: In a nutshell, what sets Shippeo apart? Our rock-solid network, commitment to data privacy, and focus on sustainability. These aren't just features – they empower our customers to make smart choices and create a positive impact on their supply chains.

Q: Finally, looking ahead, what message would you like to convey to Shippeo's customers, partners, and stakeholders regarding your recent achievements and future aspirations?

Pierre: Huge shoutout to our amazing customers, partners, and everyone involved!  These wins wouldn't be possible without your incredible support and teamwork.  Looking ahead, we're all in on delivering even more value, pushing the boundaries of innovation, and working together to create a smoother, greener future for transportation.

Lucien: Couldn't agree more, Pierre. We're looking forward to what's next and the exciting opportunities on the horizon.  As Shippeo keeps evolving and innovating, we're committed to building even stronger partnerships, driving success for all, and leaving a lasting positive mark on the transportation industry.

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Leading the Way in Real-Time Visibility: A Q&A with Shippeo's Co-Founders, Pierre Khoury & Lucien Besse
Leading the Way in Real-Time Visibility: A Q&A with Shippeo's Co-Founders, Pierre Khoury & Lucien Besse
Leading the Way in Real-Time Visibility: A Q&A with Shippeo's Co-Founders, Pierre Khoury & Lucien Besse

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