How real-time transportation visibility unlocks savings and boosts profitability

Jun 21, 2021
Supply Chain

Many organizations experience a visibility gap when it comes to transportation. They know when a shipment is booked to be picked up and dropped off, but there’s no indication of actual or estimated times, or any status updates available during transit.

With improved transportation transparency and data quality, it’s possible to see more of what’s happening within the network. This holistic view of a supply chain enables operational optimizations to be made on the fly. The resulting transparency increases network stability, brings attention to the information needed in order to take action more quickly and makes cross-functional cost efficiencies possible.

The value of real-time transportation visibility

This value is becoming increasingly understood and desired by organizations. In fact, real-time end-to-end supply chain visibility remains a top investment priority for organizations. According to Gartner, “Visibility continues to be one of the top technologies supply chain end users invest in” and “by 2023, 50% of global product-centric enterprises will have invested in real-time transportation visibility platforms.” However, the many benefits remain difficult to quantify for those driving visibility projects within their organizations.

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Industry Guide to Return on Investment for Real-time Transportation Visibility Solutions
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Industry Guide to Return on Investment for Real-time Transportation Visibility Solutions
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Industry Guide to Return on Investment for Real-time Transportation Visibility Solutions

Quantifying the benefits of real-time transportation visibility

There are a number of areas of cost reduction that real-time transportation visibility solutions can bring supply chain organizations, for a variety of sizes and industry sectors. These can help to form the foundation of a visibility project business case and the average quantified benefits for some of these are listed below:

Our guide on ROI of real-time transportation visibility projects contextualizes each of these pain points and their corresponding benefits. The guide also includes some other examples of industry-specific pain points and benefits and provides an introductory framework to performing your organization’s own value assessment as part of a visibility project business case.

Download the guide now to discover the ways RTTV solutions can unlock cost savings and boost profitability for your organization.

The team at Shippeo are also able to quickly provide bespoke value assessments based on your organization’s unique needs and context. This is strongly recommended early on in your exploration of end-to-end visibility solutions, as well as transport management systems, which benefit from integration with RTTV. Having worked on countless visibility projects for international organizations, Shippeo can help you quantify the many benefits for your business case and assist in demonstrating their value to stakeholders by accurately estimating the projected return on investment. Get in touch with one of our specialists today.