Global supply chains need global visibility networks

Aug 28, 2020
Supply Chain

Over the last decade, an increasingly competitive and global marketplace, along with an explosion in e-commerce, has prompted supply chain designs to become more global and, in turn, more complex. Improving supply chain operations across continents starts with better visibility of transport flows. But implementing a real-time transportation visibility (RTTV) solution requires a globally-minded collaborative approach, accounting for the diverse range of languages, cultures, I.T. systems, devices and levels of technical competence. A solution must be scalable and cover key regions throughout the world.

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Choosing the right transportation visibility provider
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Choosing the right transportation visibility provider
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Choosing the right transportation visibility provider

As the demand for RTTV platforms grows, so too do carrier networks. In the past 2.5 years, we’ve been amazed to see our carrier network double to more than 140,000 reflecting the rapid expansion of our customer base (now the fastest growing in Europe). The Shippeo platform tracks over 2.5 million trucks across 70 countries worldwide making 9 million shipments per year. In 2020 alone, bringing on several new international customers led to greater shipment tracking capabilities in 21 new markets, across all EMEA, with a growing focus on Africa, CIS countries and Northern Europe.

We’ve invested in a few key areas to help us build growth and momentum in expanding our international coverage:

  • We’ve mapped the largest carrier network in Europe, making the most robust and stable integrations, of which a majority connect with a carrier’s TMS system, providing superior tracking data quality and complying fully with the GDPR.
  • After a successful proof of concept, Shippeo’s ETA proved to be more accurate especially for long, cross-border flows, achieving on average 95% accuracy up to 24 hours ahead of a delivery. The platform uses a machine learning algorithm, developed in-house and drawing on over 200 data parameters for unparalleled reliability.
  • The platform offers tracking capabilities across multiple modes of transportation, and is able to provide ETAs for journeys comprising both road and ocean legs. The Shippeo Multimodal Visibility Network includes tracking for FTL, LTL, parcel, rail and maritime and integrates 700+ TMS, telematics and ELD systems.
  • Shippeo’s platform has been built specifically to support the tracking of complex transportation plans including elements like multiple legs, driver stop requirements, ​cross-dock operations, less-than-truckload shipments, and double drivers​, compared to some other solutions which assume a continuous drive from A to B.
  • While Shippeo offers an automated carrier onboarding tool to make it easy for shippers to connect carriers to the platform, there is also a team dedicated to supporting carriers available, speaking a number of languages. Shippeo’s carrier onboarding is fast and seamless and has achieved a 98% carrier satisfaction rate.
  • Shippeo has 5 teams all specializing in assisting customers when deploying a visibility project, including project managers, integration and carrier operations managers, support and quality managers and customer success managers.

If you’re looking for multimodal transportation visibility for your international supply chain, speak with our experts to discuss why Shippeo might be the best partner for your visibility project.