Covid-19: The Heroes Behind The Scenes Who Are Sustaining Our Nations

Mar 27, 2020
Supply Chain

Transportation and logistics networks are critical in keeping countries well-stocked, particularly in terms of food supply. Every day, thousands of drivers criss-cross the continent linking producers, manufacturers, logistics platforms, stores, and end customers together.

This coronavirus crisis has highlighted the sector’s importance to communities around the globe and made us all more appreciative of the heroes behind the scenes who, despite the unprecedented challenges, remain committed to keeping supply chains moving...

Although the crisis is not yet over, players will already be starting to think about the priority actions that will need to be taken to reinstate their supply chains.

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5 Reasons why you need Supply Chain Visibility

For instance: 

1° supplying closed stores: prioritization of flows, management of reception capacity vs. available trucks, smoothing and rotation of vehicles throughout the day, etc.

2° "normal" resumption of store supplies accounting for the impact on sales forecasts: correction of sales forecasts with exceptional history, the impact of e-commerce sales on off-line sales, etc.

3° smoothing of warehouse activity: resumption of upstream supplies, the flow of containers to be absorbed, management of personnel in relation to the load, the heavy demand on pallet stocks to prepare goods...

4° commercial trade-offs: resumption or not of promotions, management of seasonal collections... 

The list goes on of course but I remain confident in the ability of supply chain players to find the right solutions for resuming their activities. Collectively, we are learning the lessons of this crisis, where the lack of visibility on flows and supply has caused panic and irrational behavior. This creates an opportunity for the industry to find ways to adapt and reinforce the robustness of supply chains for the future.

In the coming weeks, my thoughts continue to be with all my former retail colleagues who are on the front line and all of our transportation partners with whom I've been exchanging views and who inspire us with their continued unfailing dedication.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones

Covid-19: The Heroes Behind The Scenes Who Are Sustaining Our Nations
Sales Director France
Samy has worked for 22 years in the retail industry & supply chain sectors. After starting at Leclerc, he joined Carrefour where he held various roles and responsibilities, leading the Transportation Department for food and non-food replenishment and strategic projects, notably around supply chain visibility and supply chain transformation. He joined the Casino group within its subsidiary Monoprix where he headed the organization and logistics method department. Samy has two children and is a passionate CrossFit enthusiast.

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