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Your clients deserve real-time information

Give your customers instant access to real-time tracking of their deliveries by subscribing to this limited-time offer:

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The benefits of visibility platforms for carriers

There are a number of benefits that real-time transportation visibility solutions bring to carriers and their operations.

Gain new business by increasing transport tenders won against the competition by 20-30%

Integrating with Shippeo helps carriers to win new business. A potential client who already uses a specific visibility platform might prefer to use a carrier that is already onboarded. It will ensure the carrier can focus on shipments rather than admin or chasing deliveries for customers or warehouse personnel.

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Shippeo’s platform can help to increase transport tenders won against the competition by 20-30%.

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Increase productivity of transport and customer teams by 40-50%

Shippeo combines several data sources into a single source of truth, providing a holistic view of operations and instant access to data and insights, saving a lot of time on chasing shipment statuses with truck drivers. Changes in delivery status can be automatically communicated to all parties involved, reducing the number of customer inquiries and allowing customer service teams to focus on dealing with exceptions.

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Shippeo’s platform can help increase productivity of transport and customer teams by 40-50% by enabling them to better manage subcontractors and deal with incidents faster.

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Integrate once with no need of IT expertise and easily activate for any new customer

Connecting to Shippeo is easy using API connections, requiring very little involvement of your IT teams, compared to other integration types (e.g. EDI). The availability of a mobile application also means that shipments can still be tracked even when a truck is not equipped with telematics.

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The First Real Time Visibility Provider Which Gives Value Also To The Carriers

"Shippeo allowed us to provide real-time information to our clients. The system is very user-friendly, the implementation does not take more than 1 day. The API integration with our GPS supplier took a short time thanks to the support of the Shippeo team. We highly appreciate the reports provided by Shippeo on our performance (competitor applications do not provide this feature) - this allowed us to improve our corporate quality system."


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A global and multimodal network on a single platform

Our network connects 140,000+ carriers and 2.5 million assets from 850+ data sources

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Automated onboarding of subcontractors

Fast onboarding of all your subcontractors using our extended network of telematics and TMS integrations

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Auto-pairing for subcontractors with mobile app

Access to spot subcontractors through our spot mobile app doing auto-pairing

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Control tower view of subcontractors

One single platform to track all your subcontractors and own fleet

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Integrate once, connect with all other visibility platforms

Shippeo as the entry point to connect with all the other real-time transportation visibility vendors

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We speak 25 languages

Our dedicated teams, spread over eight offices throughout Europe, provide localized support wherever possible.

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