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Already, we've shown how our visibility platform untaps your supply chain’s full potential.
Get instant access to predictive, real-time information for every delivery.

Onboard your carriers and benefit from Shippeo's network.

Shippeo’s unique automated carrier onboarding approach has achieved a 98% carrier satisfaction rate by focusing on speed and quality, leveraging automation and providing a dedicated support team.

Anticipate problems before they disrupt your operations.

Shippeo's proprietary ETA algorithm uses machine-learning for exceptional accuracy and allows you to quickly anticipate problems. Predictions help your teams at Evonik to efficiently manage exceptions and mitigate their impact. Shippeo demonstrated a 28% increase in ETA accuracy for Evonik with our machine learning-based development.

Communicate instantly with all stakeholders.

Shippeo helps you improve customer satisfaction and optimize team collaboration by offering better customer service. Shippeo lets both Evonik's internal users and customers know well in advance the real-time status and predictive ETA of their deliveries.

Improve your supply chain's performance

Shippeo gives you clear insights into your transportation operations, helping Evonik's teams make better, data-driven decisions. We aggregate precise delivery information so you can reliably benchmark the performance of carriers and your deliveries, do unequivocal root-cause analysis, and uncover areas of improvement to optimize Evonik's supply chain network.

Why shippeo?

Multimodal transportation visibility WITH THE MOST ACCURATE ETA

Relying on over 200 data parameters, our predictive ETA's accuracy and reliability is market-leading and draws on 3 years of machine learning development.


Our proven implementation methodology, localized teams and hypercare ensure each deployment is a success. Our world-class team has implemented visibility for over 100 customers across 72 countries, with highly flexible and fast integrations and the largest carrier network in Europe.


Maintain a strong relationship with your customers by proactively communicating about delivery problems before they are impacted.


Score cards based on precisely recorded delivery times let BASF accurately measure carrier performance and uncover areas of improvement.a

Shippeo Helps To Boost Customer Service
And Carrier Performance

“Adopting Shippeo’s solution allows us to evolve our processes at a lower cost.”

Olivier Renodau
Head of Digital Supply Chain, Total

The Complex Visibility Needs of the Chemicals Industry’s Supply Chains

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