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Stand out in a highly competitive market by proactively communicating with customers and giving them access to reliable delivery information.

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Stand out from the competition

Make quality of service a key differentiator by providing your customers with instant access to predictive and real-time information of their deliveries.

Run lean operations

Knowing the exact time of arrival of trucks lets you efficiently manage exceptions, which lowers the operating costs of your warehouse, loading dock or production line.

Keep your customers happy and loyal

Maintain a strong relationship with your customers by proactively communicating about delivery problems before they are impacted.

Make your operations agile and reactive

Knowing the exact time of arrival of your deliveries allows you to effectively manage delays, helping you dynamically allocate resources to mitigate potential problems.

The real ROI of supply chain visibility

Learn about the countless benefits that a supply chain visibility platform brings to you, your carriers, and your customers.

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"We find Shippeo’s visibility platform a very promising solution for increasing visibility in our logistics operations, and improving flows and efficiencies in our logistic processes. We enjoy working with Shippeo’s highly skilled team and we feel confident that the Shippeo platform will improve efficiencies for both Veidekke and our carriers.”

Eyvind Zetterberg

Project Manager at Veidekke Asfalt

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