Quickly identifying and troubleshooting freight problems at their 30 logistics hubs

Intermarché (logo), a Shippeo client




30 logistics hubs and 2150 stores


200 000 / year

Intermarché, the third largest supermarket chain and logistics provider in France, uses Shippeo to provide real-time tracking and predictive analytics for their more than 200,000 inbound deliveries per year. This allows the supermarket giant to quickly identify and troubleshoot shipment problems at their 30 logistics hubs and accurately measure delivery performance.

Intermarché's 30 logistics hubs receive thousands of pallets from more than 2,000 suppliers across France every day. These then have to be quickly distributed and reloaded onto trucks going towards 2,150 points of sale in France (1850 Intermarché and 300 Netto). Due to the high volume and speed of operations, it was imperative for the supermarket giant to adopt a real-time tracking platform that provides them with the exact location and predicted ETA of each delivery, as well as the exact number of pallets these contain.

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Shippeo helps us accurately manage stocks and transportation costs, all within one single platform.

Ivan Sainsaulieu
Head of Transportation - France, Intermarché

All delivery information coming from Intermarché's 50 carriers will be collected and surfaced in Shippeo, eliminating the need to aggregate information from multiple sources, and therefore providing them with significant productivity gains. In addition, because delivery times are recorded by geofencing and GPS location, Intermarché will be able to precisely measure the performance of their transportation operations.

"With Shippeo, we'll be able to quickly identify if any pallets are missing in a shipment, and where they were left behind. This will enable us to accurately manage stocks and transportation costs, all within one single platform. In addition, we'll also know well ahead of time if a delivery will be delayed, allowing us to optimize supply chain operations at our logistics hubs," says Ivan Sainsaulieu, Head of Transportation, France, at Intermarché.