Objectively measuring carrier performance and optimizing logistics operations

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104 stores and 300 000 m2 of warehouses


70 000 / year

Castorama, a retailer of DIY and home improvement tools and supplies, and part of the British group Kingfisher, relies on Shippeo to automatically capture information and objectively measure delivery performance.

Before using Shippeo, Castorama's carriers had to manually input arrival times and other delivery information after each of their 70 000 yearly deliveries were completed. However, this information was often entered hours, or sometimes even weeks, after a delivery had taken place. As a consequence, because most times shown on Castorama's TMS were not objective, this data was not reliable.

Shippeo allows us to be proactive and dynamic with our logistics operations. We have moved from a manual approach to a completely automated system that captures delivery information instantly.

Philippe Duhamel
Transportation Manager, Castorama

Thanks to Shippeo, Castorama now automatically captures delivery information via GPS and geofencing, which not only eliminates the need to have carriers manually enter information, but also allows them to reliably measure the performance of their carriers as well as their logistics operations. In addition, warehouse staff is now able to have a much more proactive communication and approach with their 104 stores.