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Gartner® Report - Build the Business Case for Investment in a Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platform

As customer expectations grow, on-time delivery remains high on the list of priorities as organizations seek to communicate exactly where a delivery is en route whilst providing timely notifications of occurred delays.

Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms can greatly enhance customer service and offer range of significant quantifiable benefits, but building a solid business case for implementing RTTVPs can be a challenge because ROI can prove complicated to define.

Downloading this latest report by GARTNER® gives logistics and transportation leaders insights on how to build a compelling business case to receive approval for funding for investment in an RTTVP and better understand how to:

  • Determine investment criteria and gather evidence to support the business case.
  • Showcase the strategic value of the investment in an RTTVP to all stakeholders within the supply chain.
  • Demonstrate the financial value of the investment in an RTTVP by identifying the key desired outcomes and benefits for real-time transportation visibility.